#WalkAway Movement Gains Momentum as People Leave the Democrat Party in Droves

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(Gateway Pundit) – The #WalkAway campaign began on Facebook after a handsome, gay hairdresser from New York posted a video last month explaining why he was walking away from the Democrat party.

Breitbart News reported:

According to an article last Thursday in the Epoch Times, some five million people on Facebook and YouTube have seen the groundbreaking video showing a “very handsome gay man” who describes his awakening to the inanities of liberalism and the Democratic Party.

“Once upon a time, I was a liberal. Well, to be honest, less than a year ago, I was still a liberal,” begins Brandon Straka, the unlikely face of the new “silent minority” of Americans.

“I reject a system which allows an ambitious, misinformed and dogmatic mob to suppress free speech, create false narratives, and apathetically steamroll over the truth,” he says. “I reject hate.”

“These are the reasons why I became a liberal. And these are the same reasons why I am now walking away.”

Straka published his original #WalkAway video on May 26, and since then his life “has been overtaken by a tidal wave,” the Epoch Times reports.

The movement has been especially successful because its spokespersons have not been the sort typically associated with conservativism. Young and old, black and white, men and women, gay and straight—the campaign seems to elude stereotypes and pigeonholing.

Here is the #WalkAway campaign explained:
The campaign spread to Twitter like wildfire.
People, Americans, are sick and tired of the hatred, divisiveness, fake news, and violence from the left.
The left overplayed their hand, calling every Trump supporter a racist and a Nazi.
Nancy Pelosi defended MS-13 killers, Maxine Waters called for Trump officials to be harmed and harassed and Senator Gillibrand called for ICE to be abolished.
Enough is enough.
The #WalkAway campaign is so incredibly important. Work like this has never been done before in the conservative movement.
Every single day, in every corner of America, black and brown Americans are opening their eyes.
In 2020 – Democrats will be hit harder than ever before.
— CJ Pearson (@thecjpearson) July 1, 2018
I was born in the Soviet Union and immigrated to America to find freedom and a better life. When I came they told me immigrants have to be Democrat, but they don’t stand for freedom. They want to tell you how to live. That’s why I #WalkAway
— Tanya Tay Posobiec (@realTanyaTay) July 1, 2018
The #WalkAway campaign is what everyone is talking about.
Well done, Free Thinker @usminority. Every individual has the duty to vet their own ideologies and dispositions and see where they land.
— Ali Alexander πŸ‘‘ (@ali) July 1, 2018
I didn’t vote for Trump. I wasn’t sure he was right. But after seeing the vitriol from the left, and a recent incident where my close friends were called Nazis for supporting Trump when they’re they most accepting and loving people I know, I’m choosing to #WalkAway. For good.
— SB (@quiksilver661) July 1, 2018
I left the Democrat Party in 2007. I was a Hillary supporter and I didn’t like how the media basically labeled anyone a racist who didn’t support Obama’s policies, so I did my #WalkAway & haven’t looked back since.
This is not a hashtag movement. This is the #RealDeal #RealTalk
πŸŽ™Wayne Dupree (@WayneDupreeShow) July 2, 2018
Love this @RealCandaceO is leading the charge for the defection against the Democrats #WalkAway pic.twitter.com/2tOO0xN2p2
— Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) June 30, 2018
Even James Woods is telling his Dem friends in Hollywood to #WalkAway
If you ever want to return to planet earth, my Democrat friends, just read this whole article and then… #WalkAway https://t.co/EMqZ396VJH
— James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) July 1, 2018
I moved to California 30 years ago. I was registered democrat. After three decades of watching liberals destroy our state I decided to #WalkAway.
— IGotAClue (@PetCareCoach) July 1, 2018
My Mother was a Democrat and I was too. I volunteered for Clinton campaign, voted for Obama twice but then I started to realize that the things I really wanted for this country were not what the Democrats were offering #walkaway
— Kimberly (@Kimpossible727) July 1, 2018
I love the #walkaway movement. I feel like finally I’m not the only one. Im walking away from the Democrat party and all of the fake news, emotional manipulation, identity politics, hate and censorship that I see from the “Social Justice Warriors” on the Far Left. #ByeFelicia
— lil Miss Tata (@lilMsTataS) June 30, 2018
Of course Twitter tried to suppress the hashtag with their algorithms.
Strange. “Impeach 45” has 60 tweets within the last hour, according to twitter, and yet it’s the number 4 trending topic. #WalkAway has 1500 tweets and it’s not mentioned.
Twitter is propaganda.
Meanwhile twitter is going to demand my phone # again because I’m a conservative
— benmeekhof (@benmeekhof) July 1, 2018
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