NEW: FBI Caught Red-Handed in Cover-Up over Clinton/Lynch Tarmac Meeting


The highest officials of the Federal Bureau of Investigation has proven themselves to be little more than a cover up organization for everything Clintonian and by extension, everthing Obama.   

From Hillary's email-gate, to spy-gate to FISA abuse, the unbelievable sale of 20% or our uranium to the Russians to letting the Awan family and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz get off seemingly scot-free after hacking half of Congress' computer files, today's FBI (and DOJ I should add) is a real threat and menace to our Republic. This point is proven every day that the witch hunt into Trump/Russia continues, and no meaningful investigation is occurring regarding Hillary Clinton. And now Judicial Watch just caught them in more Clinton cover-up's.

Doing their best to throw the election for the would be felon crooked Hillary Clinton is as seditious and treasonous as one can imagination.  And if at the highest level of their ranks they have been this reprobate and unprincipled, what other crimes have they been involved with that we don't even know about? -W.E.

Judicial Watch

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