Attacking Trump's Attorney: Calling All Tea Partiers


By Lloyd Marcus

Raiding the office of the personal attorney of the president of the United States is the most outrageous of the Deep State's unprecedented, unhinged, and relentless attempts to overturn the 2016 election. 

This raid should tell everyone that the Deep State will twist and bend the law to get rid of Trump. As stated by President Trump, the Deep State truly is engaged in a disgraceful witch hunt.

Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton are loyal Deep State operatives. They have been stealthily transforming America into a socialist-progressive nation in which the federal government controls every aspect of our lives. Trump is the new sheriff in town determined to crush the Washington, D.C. cartel by draining the swamp. The Deep State is determined to block and destroy Trump at any and all cost.

This is why the Deep State outrageously turned a blind eye to Obama's, Bill's, and Hillary's numerous unconstitutional acts, numerous confirmed lies, policies bad for America, bags of money under the cover of darkness, and extreme character and moral failures.

For example, the Deep State ignored the fact that their President Obama outrageously won PolitiFact's Lie of the Year award.

The Deep State ignored the semen-stained dress that surfaced after Bill Clinton lied about not having sex with intern Monica Lewinsky. The Deep State ignored revelations that Bill and Monica used his $1,000-each Gurkha cigars as sex toys.

The Deep State ignored the fact that Clinton had so many adulterous affairs that his campaign formed the Bimbo Eruptions team to immediately destroy women who considered going public about their sexual encounters with Bill Clinton. The Deep State ignored the fact that Hillary (Miss I'm a Champion for Women) Clinton headed the Bimbo Eruptions team in bullying, silencing, and destroying Bill's women.

The Deep State ignored credible women such as Juanita Broaddrick, who accused Bill Clinton of rape, sexual harassment, and sexual assault.

The Deep State ignored Hillary's blatant multiple crimes. The Deep State ignored Hillary illegally using an unsecured private server, deleting thousands of emails, and lying by saying the emails were not work-related. The Deep State ignored that Hillary deleted 1,000 work-related emails to General David Petraeus.

The Deep State ignored Bill's and Hillary's history of corruption unmasked in the documentary Clinton Cash. The Deep State ignored the Clintons' corruption exposed in Dinesh D'Souza's movie, Hillary's America.

The Deep State ignored the fact that Hillary paid for the disgusting, bogus Trump golden shower hit piece.

Folks, I could go on and on with documented prosecutable crimes by the Clintons that have been ignored by the Deep State.

Displaying extreme arrogance and glaring hypocrisy, these evil people in the Deep State are digging deep into the bowels of President Trump's life and businesses over the decades to find something to use to kick him out of office. The Deep State obviously believes that We the People will passively allow it to remove our president. In essence, the Deep State is saying: Screw you, America; we're taking this country back.

The Deep State, which is void of morals, seeks to play on our morals to remove our president. While the Deep State ignores the deviancy, lies, and crimes of its operatives, the Deep State will pressure Republicans to back away from Trump for moral reasons. Sadly, some Republicans will fall for the Deep State's dirty trick. I pray that We the People will stand strong, unwavering in our support of Trump and his vow to make America great again.

I agree with a dear conservative activist friend who said it is time we stop allowing the Deep State to control the public's focus. Let's get the Tea Party visible again with rallies in support of Trump's agenda, the border wall, ending sanctuary cities, and other important issues.

We must inform the masses about Trump's remarkable achievements. Here's a taste: for each regulation that Trump has introduced, he has ended 66 of Obama's overreaching, job-killing, and insane leftist regulations.

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." –Edmund Burke

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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