"Fire Teams" : Health Ranger demands FBI stop lying about Las Vegas shooting

“We’re in a thirty-front war…” “They’re hitting us on every front…” “We have no leadership…” “They are playing chess while we are playing checkers…”

Keeping in mind, causing chaos is a cornerstone of communism (Hegelian Dialectic) in order to bring about radical communistic transformation to a nation...

Keeping in mind that the Democratic Party and their official party platform mirror's that of groups like the CPUSA (Communist Party of the United States of America) and the DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) and that the mainstream media walks in lockstep with the official Democratic Party line...

Keeping in mind that radical Islam has declared war on America...

Keeping in mind that during a time in our nation when well-financed communists are doing their best to cause chaos, whether it be the NFL debacle or Antifa uprisings at protests across the country or Black Lives Matter ...

Keeping in mind that Establishment Republicans, the Deep State, and Democrats have another agenda than that of the average American in mind and that we have seen false flags many times, especially under the Obama regime, and that agenda includes gun control....

...is it really too much to wonder if Las Vegas isn't just more of the same planned and orchestrated chaos? 

I have really tried to give the official narrative of what happened during the horrific Las Vegas massacre a chance.  But too much just isn't adding up in the "lone gunmen" theory (and the supposed lone gunmen saw fit to have a reported 23 weapons in his room). 

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"How do we know if he [Paddock] wasn't killed and made a scapegoat by some of the other operators who may have been involved who were also firing weapons as a multi-person firing team?"