Trump Goes on Offense Against Media- So What?

Last night on "Hannity", the Fox host did a piece exposing some of the most grotesque things coming out of the mouth of the Hosts of MSNBC's "Morning Joe". 

Earlier this morning, President Trump tweeted this:

I can't help but wonder if Trump saw the Hannity show and his piece on Psycho Joe and Crazy Mika ( hey, if the moniker works... ) to which he responded with his tweets.  

Here is the Hannity piece:

Viral News

So the left is melting over this as you probably have already seen.  Some are actually calling for his resignation, which I personally find hilarious. Others on the left have decided to make this a gender issue. Trump used harsh words to attack a female MSNBC Host, the horror!!  Has to be because she is a woman!  Let's not let the facts confuse us here!

Pundits on the right, aren't exactly coming to his rescue either.

But I suspect a lot if not most of his supporters are with him.

Just my two cents:  The media can dish it out every which way to Sunday, but give it back to them, and all the Snowflakes call "FOUL!!!" And, "it's not befitting the office of the President!!".  Give me a break.  Has anyone ever heard some of the things past President's have said?

There is a war on folks.  

Speaker Ryan, when asked about his thoughts on the President's tweet today didn't back up the President at all, but said we need more "civil" discourse in this country.  No offense to the Speaker, but sucking up to or ignoring the war tactics of the media is something that conservatives have been sick and tired of for at least the last two Presidencies. 

Trump knows war has been declared against him.  By the response so far by media on the right, it seems a lot of people forget this.   

No, it wasn't "nice" for him to say, but then again, why are Joe and Mika still on the air after all their hateful vitriolic incitement of the President in the first place? Who is calling for their resignations or firings?  I for one am glad that Hannity had the guts and called them out last night, and I am glad Trump responded with a knock out punch to counter all of Joe and Mika's constant jabs.

All I am saying is that when we elected Trump, we knew he was a street fighter and a bull in a china shop.  This is who we believed we needed for a time like this to disarm and dismantle the SWAMP.   We don't need a President to roll over to every two-bit cable host and remain silent to show some elusive moral authority that wins us NOTHING.  When he fights the corrupt media, he is fighting for America.  They declared the war, Trump isn't going to back down and I for one, wouldn't have it any other way. At least not in times like these. -W.E.