Judge Jeanine: Where is GOP Establishment Support of Trump?

With the Democrats in Media in full attack mode against a Republican President, all we here from the GOP are crickets.

This is THE biggest story inside of the biggest story of our time and thank God that someone has the guts to talk about it.  It is the COLLUSION of the Democrats, the Mainstream Media, the Deep State and the REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT to SYSTEMATICALLY destroy, delegitimize, impeach...(and WORSE)... the President of the United States..   

What is the Republicans role in all this you might ask? To sit back, say nothing and do nothing.  So far, they are doing a bang up job too. 
They are not to impede the Democrats, they are not to pass his agenda (though they are the majority party) and no matter what...they are not to stand up for or speak in support of the President or his family even as they are publicly mocked, maligned, scorned, falsely accused and threatened on a daily basis.  
This of course confirms what we already knew; had Hillary come into the White House, our Republican form of government would completely cease to exist.  
But right now, all is not lost.  
The odds do look terrible.  
Which is precisely why I like our chances. 

Americans, pray for your nation, and pray for your President.

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