Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) continues to define the Left as much as any of their policies.  In fact, I think it is safe to say hating Donald Trump is their unwritten policy and stance on just about every issue. But it is much deeper than politics. It is a rally cry.  It is blood sport.  Hating Trump is pervasive and symptomatic of the spiritual soul-sickness that grips the Left. Their motivation is a deep and abiding hatred, and its manifestations are clearly scene every day ranging from the vile Stephen Colbert rant to rioting on city streets, from vagina-hat marchers to half of Congress not showing up at the inauguration to college students and Hollywood star twitter tantrums and meltdowns. Hatred, when it is is full blown leads to violence and even death, it is a very dangerous time in our nation and should not be taken lightly.   -W.E.  


Colbert goes totally obscene to insult Trump
(gg note: One can only imagine what the media outcry would have been if anyone had said the same thing about Obama in his pursuit of his Iranian deal with the Ayatollah )

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