PROOF! : Pres Trump Surveillance Confirmed - Hannity

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Fox Reporter James Rosen is reporting that a "smoking gun" presumably that leads back to the Obama administration has been uncovered proving that indeed the Trump administration and possibly the President himself has been spied on by our own government.  Should that be the case, we are talking about a constitutional crisis larger that Watergate.....although I would doubt that the MSM would report it as such. The fact is, there is evidence already out there that this is true which has been reported by Circa news reporter Sara Carter for the past two weeks on the Hannity show. Now Congressman Nunes has dropped a bombshell.  As can be expected, the MSM is already, in total Alinsky fashion, badmouthing Nunes.   Here is the latest.  -W.E.

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 The Wayward Son

Sean Hannity interviews Sara Carter of Circa News about the revelations of Devin Nunes that President Donald Trump was under surveillance during the Presidential Campaign.

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