Saturday Matinee: The Clinton Documentary They Don't Want You To See

Should Hillary Clinton manage to steal the 2016 election as she seems to be on course to do, I am not sure which would be worse, 8 more years of Obama, or another 4-8 years of a Clinton, but I am leaning towards the latter. 
I knew how extreme the sex scandals, the murders and the corruption were under Bill and Hillary the first time, but this documentary sheds new light and reminded and informed me in great detail of the depth and breadth of their crimes while Bill Clinton was President.  
The frightening thing may be what they did that we don't even know about. 
This is wickedness of the highest order. Bill and Hillary were a two-person criminal cartel and that has never changed.  
If you think "pay for play" started with the Clinton Foundation you would be mistaken. Selling out America and our military and national secrets happened as soon as Bill and Hillary came into power the first time.   
After 8 years of Obama raping this nation, it wouldn't take Hillary long to apply the final touches of destruction while the Clinton's continue to enrich themselves.  
Suffice it to say there will be great suffering like we haven't seen in this nation for all but the Elite under a Hillary Clinton administration.  
This video has a lot of potential to wake up a lot of young people or undecided voters and I pray it does so.   -W.E.

Greg Ewers

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