A Secret Camera Is Recording Baltimore's Every Move from the Sky

According to a Bloomberg article, a private company hired by the Baltimore Police Department named Persistent Surveillance Systems has literally been watching over Baltimore like a hawk.   

According to their website, "PSS  develops highly capable, yet affordable, wide area surveillance systems for city, state, national, and international markets."  In speaking about their goals, PSS states in quite the Orwellian fashion:  "Our goal at PSS is to provide the tools that help make our families and our neighborhoods safe places to live and work. We do that by creating systems that watch our borders, monitor the environment, respond to natural and man-made disasters, and provide help to public safety personnel to reduce crimes that impact our lives. We take our jobs seriously, afterall, keeping us safe is a never-ending task."   
Apparently PSS and the city of Baltimore aren't familiar with the 4th amendment.  It's all for our own safety and security of course.  
It is truly frightening how today we need drones in our skies and new world order SWAT teams to keep us safe with military grade equipment and armaments yet we release hard core captured felons with a slap on the wrist rather than be tough on crime in so many of our inner cities.   The Police-state and high-tech surveillance society where everyone is a suspect has replaced comprehensive crime fighting, a criminal justice system that works in conjunction with policing our communities and the American philosophy of innocent until proven guilty. -W.E.

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