Ted Cruz' Secret Meeting With Obama, Dems, Days Before RNC

By Gary Powell
Research with Nena S. 

According to an article in the Dallas Morning News Senator Ted Cruz at the invitation of President Obama joined the President and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi as well as two Texas Democrats from Congress on Air Force One just days before the Republican National Convention.
The flight was to the memorial Service of the 5 slain Dallas Police Officers and the story line as to why the contentious foes would travel together was for a show of unity at a time of national mourning.

But this only begs the question if the purpose of the flight together was for a show of unity, then why are there virtually no pictures and not a single mainstream article about this so-called display of unity?  If Obama and Cruz wanted to use the moment to show unity, they could have easily had a slew of reporters at their disposal, at the drop of a hat and eager to please.

It is highly likely that the last thing Cruz would want is to be seen traveling with Obama for any reason which also works against the supposed "unity" narrative. 

The fact that this story has received virtually no press, makes it clear this wasn't really the plan by either Ted Cruz or Barack Obama.   

On the other hand, it would be a smart move politically for the Democrats to be seen showing "unity" with a leading Republican, as a cover story while knowing of course this would tarnish the Senator's reputation among conservatives and at the same time making Trump look bad at the RNC and the Party divided. 

Obama and Pelosi essentially would have two political slam dunks for the price of one. 

It brings to mind another recent meeting and that between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch who we are told just happened to have their planes cross paths at an airport in Phoenix where they decided to spend 30 minutes privately talking about Clinton's grandchildren and his golf game, aboard Lynch's private plane.   

Many have raised the question as to why the AG would meet with Bill Clinton in the midst of her department investigating his wife, something that drew a great deal of criticism to Lynch immediately after the news story was broke by a local reporter that the two had met.  

One week and a day after that meeting on July 5th, FBI Director Comey called a press conference in which he announced that he would not recommend an indictment of Hillary Clinton over her email scandal, despite evidence strongly suggesting that laws were violated.

Fast forward two weeks later, Cruz flies in style with the dynamic duo of Obama and Pelosi: 

With this under the radar meeting between Cruz, Obama and Pelosi we are supposed to somehow believe this was an act of unity, despite no evidence to support that claim? 
More likely, we were not supposed to know that this rendezvous in the sky between the political rivals even took place, and that has been successful.  
It has gone purposely under reported and "unity" was the narrative to use should the story get out and "grow legs".

One week after the Air Force One meeting, Cruz fails to endorse Donald Trump at the RNC.
And he does so LOUD and PROUD assuring the headlining spectacle that was to follow. 

Some have asked a very good question- why would Cruz bother to attend the Trump coronation if you will in the first place, if not to endorse the nominee? I mean, why not just stay home and not endorse him rather than making a public spectacle?   

Some suggest it was a political calculation meant to set him up for a run in 2020.  Angering a majority of Republican's as he did, seems to be a strange way to endear one self to a future presidential bid, and Cruz strikes me as a man too smart dis the nominee at his own convention as a plan for political gain.  

What makes more sense is that whole idea was to make Donald Trump's big day look bad and his Party in chaos.  

A bitter man just might do something like this and his bitterness showed the next day when Cruz explained his reasoning for not supporting Trump the night before.  He took the opportunity to slam Trump yet again.


But is bitterness and anger enough to make someone go on live TV before millions and possibly extinguish any hopes of ever being President in the future or was there a quid pro quo that influenced him on board Air Force One of which we don't know what Ted's ultimate pay off was or will be in the future?

I don't know exactly what may or may not have been said to Cruz or asked of him, if anything aboard Air Force One.  But I do understand how the Democrats, especially Obama and Pelosi work, and I am certainly not buying this was for the sake of "unity".  

Interestingly two other high profile and disenfranchised Republican's with ties to Socialist and Democrat supporter George Soros, both of whom in their own right found ways to disrupt and bring disharmony and bad press to the RNC. 

Ohio Governor John Kasich, has appeared to be a sore loser in his run for President by not even bothering to show up at the RNC which was in his home state, took some $700,000 from a George Soros funded group during the primaries. 

Could it be that the Kasich no show at the RNC was a sort of payback to Soros for the 700k, and like Cruz, was the idea in fact to make Trump and the Republicans seem dis-unified? 

While we are talking about sore losers and their ties to George Soros, let's not forget about Jeb Bush and his ties to the leftist billionaire.  

From Breitbart

"Bush’s ties to the left-wing Democratic donor could cast further suspicion on his personal business dealings during the Republican primary season.
Bush is the chairman of BH Logistics, a $26 million private equity fund that was incorporated in April 2014. Who invested in BH Logistics? 
Bush’s firm received a major investment from HNA Group, a Chinese private equity firm. Bush took the money from HNA Group and spent it to invest in the gas shipping company Dorian LPG, which is incorporated in the Republic of The Marshall Islands.
What is HNA Group? And more importantly, who funds it?
Look no further than George Soros.
HNA Group’s chairman Chen Feng is one of China’s wealthiest businessmen, and he has Soros to thank for it. Feng, chairman of Hainan Airlines, secured a $25 million investment from Soros in 1995 after a personal New York City meeting. In 2000, he formed HNA Group to become the parent company of Hainan Airlines. Soros invested an additional $25 million in Hainan Airlines in 2005.
HNA Group now reports $17.5 billion in revenue and owns $58 billion in assets."

Like Cruz and Kasich, Jeb Bush not only did not keep his pledge to support whoever the eventual Republican nominee for President would be, he stabbed Trump in the back not just once but twice, just before the RNC.  

Two weeks before the RNC Bush had a sit-down one on one interview with MSNBC.  Yes, I did write MSNBC, that is not a typo.  Not exactly a bastion of conservative leaning news over there. It is more like crawling to the enemy camp in political terms. 

Then on the very eve of the RNC, Bush writes a rather scathing editorial for the uber-liberal Washington Post.  

"While he has no doubt tapped into the anxiety so prevalent in the United States today, I do not believe Donald Trump reflects the principles or inclusive legacy of the Republican Party. And I sincerely hope he doesn’t represent its future"

That my friends is a sideways invitation to vote for Hillary Clinton, but it is an invitation nevertheless and written exclusively not for National Review or the Wall Street Journal, but the Washington Post.  

This is the same Washington Post that made news because they assigned 20 staffers to dig into "every phase" of Donald Trump's life. 

This is of course mostly just a theory when it comes to what the real motive was behind the ride on Air Force One that Cruz took with Obama and his friends.   We may never know for certain unless say Wikileaks has an email they are about to dump on us.   

I for one am not having any of this "unity" cover story on a trip between Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, two other Democrats and an angry Ted Cruz one week before the RNC that was completely hush hush by the establishment media and concluded in the manner it did 

Our three amigo's', Ted, Jeb and Kasich are suddenly looking more like three turncoats while Hillary, Obama, Pelosi and Soros are having a good laugh.  

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