Donald Trump Video Goes Viral: Relating “The Snake” to ISIS


A rather interesting video has GOP front-runner Donald Trump’s voice-over reading the lyrics to the 1968 song by Al Wilson titled “The Snake,” written by Oscar Brown. Interestingly, the imagery in the video depicts the snake as ISIS invading America.
The moral of the story is as follows:
The song tells the story of a kind and tender woman who finds a frozen snake on the ground on her way to work one morning. The snake begs the woman to take it home and take care of it. She obliges and takes the snake to her home and puts it by the fireplace with a silk blanket, some honey, and some milk. When she gets home from work later that evening, she finds that the snake is now warm and revived. Feeling happy for the snake’s recovery, she picks it up and gives it a tight hug and kisses it on the head. However, the snake is actually vicious and gives the woman a bite, fatally poisoning her. She asks the snake why it bit her even though she took it in and cared for it, to which it responds, “Shut up foolish woman! You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in!”
Just some food for thought.

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