Windows 10 Is Full Blown Electronic Tyranny

"They know exactly how to manipulate us into wanting the very tools, and putting the shackles on our own ankles, to putting surveillance camera's in our own homes and to carrying the tracking devices in our back pockets and being paranoid that we would ever leave the house without them. The brilliance of this is that it cost Stalin an awful lot of money for to figure out how to round up and kill 20 million people, and some say 100 million people in the Soviet Union in the last century.  It cost Mao Tse-tung a ton of money in bullets to just take out his opposition.  It's been expensive to monitor and control people in the past.  But what they have figure out now is how to get the public to pay for the privilege of being monitored. To pay for the privilege of being controlled and surveilled."

Pete Santilli Show

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