Behind the Benghazi Curtain


At this juncture in American history the question must be asked: How much has the potential mutually assured destruction pact between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton that is the Benghazi debacle played into Hillary’s run for President?

While the media continues to willingly embarrass itself fawning over Hillary Clinton’s “performance” at the Benghazi hearing, it has now been firmly established, thanks to the production of emails and transcripts from the night of the attack, that the story regarding an anti-Mohammad video was a ruse concocted by the White House and Hillary Clinton on the same night.   It is therefore extremely safe to assume this obfuscation was agreed to by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton when they discussed the Benghazi attack that same evening via telephone.  In fact around 10 pm, after talking to Obama, Hillary issued a statement referencing an obscure YouTube video as the source of the unrest in Libya.
Yet the next day in her discussion with the Egyptian Prime Minister Hillary Clinton stated: “We know that the attack in Libya has nothing to do with the film.  It was a planned attack -- not a protest.”  Nonetheless for many weeks thereafter Hillary and Obama audaciously continued to promote that meme -- Hillary over the bodies of four slain Americans and Obama at a speech on the 25th of September at the United Nations carried worldwide not to mention a well produced video for airing in Muslim countries apologizing for the video and its aftermath.  They still to this day, as Hillary displayed at the recent hearing, claim the video played a prominent role in the attack.
Looking behind the curtain of lies and obfuscation the question needs to be asked: who benefited from the promotion of such a blatant falsehood?  There were two politically ambitious beneficiaries: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  Obama as he was facing an election in less than two months and Hillary as she was planning to run for president in less than four years.  Neither, in their cold and calculating mindsets, wanted to shoulder any responsibility for the failure of the Libyan policy and a terror attack on an anniversary of September 11, 2001.  Therefore the loss of four brave Americans was simply collateral damage to the ambitions of both.
But as is always the case when two or more people totally devoid of character and integrity cooperate in a mutually beneficial scheme to defraud or deceive others for personal gain, they have in their hands the ammunition and will to blackmail each other, if the need arises.  The Clintons have amply proven over many years in the public eye their willingness to destroy and intimidate any actual or perceived adversary by any means possible.  Barack Obama, a devout disciple of Saul Alinsky, also has no compunction when it comes to annihilating his perceived enemies. 
If Hillary were to come clean and state that she was forced by Obama to go along with the Benghazi story as concocted by Obama and his staff for political expediency, then his long term legacy would rival that of Richard Nixon.  Obama’s ego would never stand for that scenario.  On the other hand, if the White House were to cooperate in throwing Hillary under the bus by pointing the finger of blame at her or undermining her bid for the Democratic nomination, her reputation would be in tatters for the rest of her life.  Thus Benghazi is in effect a mutually assured destruction pact between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

So at this juncture in American political history the question must be asked: How much has the potential mutual blackmail scenario played into Hillary’s run for President? 
In the spring and summer of 2015 the email scandal involving Hillary’s use of a private email server for State Department business began to get serious traction. It was reported in many media outlets that the original source of the information was the Obama White House, many of whom did not like or get along with Hillary. Further as Hillary’s poll numbers began to sink over the summer, the White House began to subtly promote Joe Biden as a presidential contender.
Ed Klein in his new book Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary describes a meeting between Hillary and Obama in which she went into a tirade over the leaks from the White House regarding her emails and any potential investigation.  Klein claims she screamed to Barack: “What I want you to do is call of your f______ dogs!”
As the email scandal involving Hillary’s personal server was hitting crisis proportions in mid-August of this year, Hillary and Bill Clinton met with Obama in Martha’s Vineyard.  Later Bill and Barack Obama played a round of golf together and were in deep discussions.  What was discussed between them? 
In early October, Obama, in the midst of a federal investigation, said that Hillary’s use of a private server which contained numerous classified emails was…”just a mistake and did not endanger national security,” clearly undermining and trying to influence a federal investigation.  Why would a sitting President sworn to uphold the law go to such lengths to protect someone that many in the media have reported over the years he so dislikes?   
In mid-October in one of the most bizarre speeches ever delivered by someone who had decided not to run for President, Joe Biden, despite numerous overt indications to the press that he would enter the race, deferred to Hillary and dropped out of race.  The speech in the Rose Garden of the White House, with Barack Obama by his side, could easily have been a declaration of why he was running for President.  It was obvious based on the polls and Hillary’s perceived dishonesty among the voters that she was beatable and that many in the Democratic Party wanted anyone but her.  From all indications, Biden wanted to run and had a good chance of winning the nomination, so why did he suddenly change his mind particularly when Obama, as late as mid-August, had given him his blessing to run?
Is all the above the end-product of the threats made by of one of the most unethical and unscrupulous political dynasty in the nation’s history blackmailing an equally unethical occupant of the White House?
The path has now been cleared for Hillary to win the Democratic nomination insofar as the Obama White House and the Democratic Party hierarchy is concerned.  The only fly in the ointment is the FBI investigation of her email scandal the resolution of which will ultimately fall on the Obama Justice Department.  Will they succumb to the unscrupulous tactics of the Clintons in league with the Obama cabal?

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