Texas In Bullseye: Massive Military Movement Train/Missiles Primed For Texas Launch (Jade Helm)


The state of Texas is in the bullseye in today's Jade Helm 15 update with a mysterious battery of surface to air missiles that appear to be primed for launch facing East that were discovered and reported upon by Texas media, (only to be told they are there for 'a drill' as seen in 2nd video), while a train hauling massive amounts of military equipment has been photographed moving west, west of San Antonio, Texas, as shared in the 1st video below.

While the US military is still being secretive of the exact nature of the Jade Helm 15 special forces 'drills', the 3rd video below is a possible reminder of their true purpose from the lips of Vice President Joe Biden himself, mocking gun owners by warning: "we're going to swoop down with special forces folks and grab up every gun in America," remarks made just two years ago in April of 2013.

The FEMA Wal Mart connection is also becoming more clear as shared in the 4th video below from Sgt Joe Biggs who tells us about Mark Cooper, a senior director FEMA board member who is also a member of Walmart's Global Emergency Management team. We should also remember a partnership between Wal-Mart and the CDC to use all 4000+ of their stores to distribute hundreds of millions of doses of vaccines should those emergency measures be necessary, dating back to at least 2009 and providing more evidence showing a long running partnership between Wal-Mart and 'emergency management' in America.  

The series of video reports below also include one of US Marines training for riot control in Virginia as seen in the 5th video as well as the 6th video, a new release from MLordandGod who shares with us the latest on the Wal-Mart underground tunnels and tells us more about the joint venture between Wal-Mart, the DOD, DHS, NSA and the entire slew of alphabet soup agencies who work for the American people but continuously hide from us what they're really doing.

The alert republished below videos from the website of Stephen Quayle shares with us that even National Guard members are having difficulty finding out from their superiors what Jade Helm 15 is really all about.
What should we make of these missiles 'primed for launch' in Texas? Are they expecting to need these in America?
 What do you think about Joe Biden's warning here? Is this the ultimate warning to Americans, coming from the mouth of our own VP, in an attempt to mock American gun owners? Remember, this was back in April of 2013!
While attempts to minimize the WalMart connection to FEMA and 'death domes' has been made, Sgt Joe Biggs helps us to understand that the connection between WalMart and FEMA goes back many years and runs deep.
Riot control in Virginia...what are they preparing for, economic collapse? Induction into 'Hillary fun camps'?

Excellent video that puts the Wal-Mart closings, Jade Helm 15 and the underground tunnels all together.



I talked with a co-worker tonight who is a reservist in the Army National Guard. He said that no one in his unit can get any answers on Operation Jade Helm 15. They are being ordered by command to not inquire about it, which is making them all grow more suspicious and wary about what's going on behind the scenes. He said that all of the non-commissioned officers know they are purposely being kept in the dark about the true intent of Jade Helm, and that it truly is "unconventional warfare" and unprecedented for the U.S. military.

Also, today a local friend of mine and a former Marine buddy went to get eyes on the Walmart that closed in Brandon, FL, which is 30 miles from me here in Lakeland. From their vantage point they could see that the store was heavily guarded by DHS troops, and that a train which was stopped on the tracks adjacent to the Walmart was laden with military hardware, and more surplus gear in the surrounding area waiting to be staged.

All of that for plumbing problems and/or employee standoffs, right?

I watched the video by Dr. William Mount of Channel 77 in Seattle, describing a U.S. Army logistics class he took in which the Army had strategically set-up a concession of Walmarts throughout the nation in a backroom deal to be repurposed as federal military supply depots/distribution bases in the event of a national crisis:

http://youtu.be/PS7Jl1dMIOY (3:03)

That makes a lot of sense, considering their strategic locations in every major American city, access to major roads, their vast warehouse and floor storage space, and the pre-existing surveillance systems already in place at every store.

With that said, I also took to heart the recent alert on your Alerts page from the former Navy Seal regarding America’s police state, the border, Russia, Walmart and World War III:


Those are all questions which no one without a security clearance is privy to the answers. Deception is, as you know, inherently the hand of evil.

It is getting very close, and every veteran buddy of mine I talk with agrees that with the scope and scale of this operational roll-out, the federal government is preparing for a major event, whatever that may be. And it's right here at home, in my county. With that realization, a lot of my people here are at a heightened state of alertness and readiness, anticipating the worst.

Also troublesome is the connection of Jade Helm (Stone Guide) to the Georgia Guidestones, America's anti-human Stonehenge-like outdoor temple of the sun.

Stay alert! For our adversary knows he has but a short time left.
Apr 23, 2015
Consciously Enlightened claims that the pictures below are from some of the Wal-Mart underground tunnels. All News Pipeline is UNABLE to confirm that information. (Date stamp 2nd picture 2004)

wmut.jpeg ug-3.jpg

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