Attorney General Eric Holder Suggests US Police Are an “Occupying Force” (Video)

Eric Holder, still doing the "job" Obama brought him in to do: 
Divide the American People so that, Obama can Conquer the American People. 


On Monday, Attorney General Eric Holder kicked off the first of a series of community forums on Ferguson at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta on Monday night.
Holder suggested to the activists that US police are an “occupying force.”
“The problems we must confront are not only in Ferguson. The issues raised in Missouri are not unique in that state or to that small city. We are dealing with concerns that are truly national is scope and have threatened the entire nation. Broadly speaking without mutual understanding between citizens whose rights must be respected and law enforcement officers who make tremendous often unheralded sacrifices every day to preserve public safety. Without that kind of interaction without that kind of trust there can be no meaningful progress. Our police officers cannot be, and cannot be seen as an occupying force disconnected from their communities that they serve.
He can’t leave office soon enough.

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