LA School District Police Get Armored Vehicle, Grenade Launchers

If you think the police are just going a little overboard here, think again.  
For years now, the Pentagon has been arming local Police Departments all over the country.  The police have become militarized in front of our very eyes, and hardly anyone says a thing.  This is a fundamental transformation of the local police and a linchpin to our ever creeping Police State.
It is a rather naive view that says that the Department of Defense is just giving away tanks and grenade launchers to be nice. It's not nice, it is unconstitutional.  
Just like it is a naive view to see nothing odd when government agencies from the EPA, to the U.S.Postal Service, to Homeland Security have armed themselves to the teeth. This isn't about protecting American's, it's about expectations of Martial law.
Just like it's a naive view to say that America's government over spends by trillions and trillions of dollars, threatening our economy and way of life, all by accident and call it a "spending problem".  That's not a problem, it is sabotage. 
Just like it's a naive view to say that the fact that about 90% of national news media vote liberal is just a strange fact or an oddity, nothing to see there. That's not an oddity, it is subversion. 
It's a naive view to say that our borders are secure and government is doing their best to keep us safe as thousands and thousands of illegals walk across the border, our President applauds his own law breaking and American's that pay taxes, suck it up again.  It's not bad policy by the President and some in Congress, it's called treason.

I won't list them all, but America's power centers, from education, to government, to Big Business to Media to Healthcare...all have been and are continuing to be fundamentally transformed as American's by and large sit on the sidelines and watch. -W.E. 

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