The NSA-Al Qaeda Connection (VIDEO)


"It's [Carlyle Group] one of the world's largest and most secretive investment funds.  It's nicknamed the ex-Presidents Club.  Carlyles employees have included both President Bush-H.W. and George W. Bush, former British Prime Minister John Major, Former Secretary of State James Baker and former Defense Secretary Frank Carlucci.  Amidst growing public scrutiny over its dealings the company has recently scaled back its holdings in military contractors and its links to controversial political figures, but that appears to be changing.  On Friday, the intelligence agency "Booz, Allen, Hamilton" said it would sell its government oriented unit to the Carlisle Group for 2.5. billion dollars."

"Think about the implications.  The Carlyle Group, found to be in bed with the Bin Ladin family for years, has access to millions of phone calls, emails, texts, chats, banking records, online purchases, virtually the entire digital life of every single American"

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