Welcome to the United POLICE States of America: No-Knock Raids Increase 3000% (MUST WATCH VIDEO)

"In the early nineteen eighties the Pentagon started handing out free equipment to 17,000 police agencies across the country.  You're talking about peacemakers that have turrets, assault vehicles, armors for the police officers, Kevlar helmets, assault rifles, black-hawk helicopters.  You have fifty police agencies that have black-hawk helicopters now.  What's happened is they have militarized the police and the police as some Army officers have told me is that, once you put that gear on, and some are wearing masks now by the way, which is pretty far out, that is what they do in Afghanistan, you can't see who you are up against.  They become like the military." - Constitutional Attorney and author of "A Government of Wolves"- John Whitehead
Restoring Liberty

No-knock raids by police have increased by 3000% over the past decade. The results are frightening, many times with fatal results. Listen to this important documentary from Governor Huckabee:

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