I originally posted this story on the 18th and it still bothers me.  A couple friends have pointed out that the flash that looks like fire, coming into the picture in slow motion on the far left of the screen, towards the burning building and what appears to me, moving against the direction of the wind, was gas coming up from the ground ignited from intense heat and therefore there is no reason to go all conspiratorial.  
It seems to be headed towards the "buried and forgotten" pile very soon. I know at least 14 are dead and 200 wounded and I pray the families get good solid answers as to what caused this tragedy.
A friend put it this way:
"It does appear possibly like something came from the left, but most likely it was low lying gas close to the ground that was blown by the strong winds from the right. The wind can be seen in the trajectory of the flames and heard in the video. When enough gas "pools" the explosion happens. I am not saying one way or the other, but I believe fire science can splain this one." 
He continued:  "we are not seeing the whole picture because of the building. The video was from a cell phone which has 8 megapixel still shot and much less resolution in video."

Those views may or may not be correct, I don't really know, but truth is what we are after. 
I have now come across another video that apparently has raised some objections to the idea that this was just your ordinary fertilizer plant explosion, and goes into greater detail than the others. 

Hat Tip to the Mad Jewess for this video footage from djhardcoretruth
If you haven't seen the first two videos I posted (you have to scroll down) watch them first I would suggest, and then check out the new one right under this sentence. - W.E. 4/20/13

H/T Nena S.

I know I am not the brightest bulb on the porch, so will someone please explain away what my eyes are clearly seeing in this video, because it sure looks like something is very wrong with what happened in Waco Texas yesterday.  Is it a coincidence that 20 years ago, TOMORROW, another explosion happened in Waco killing 76 innocent men, women and children? Anyone who points any of this out though will be labeled a "conspiracy theorist". 
 - W.E.

CORRECTION:  It has been pointed out to me that the explosion was not directly in Waco, as the media sometimes has mentions it, but some 20 miles north of Waco in "West" Texas.  As I double checked this, I find that the Waco Massacre in 1993 was also "just outside" of Waco.  That one was west of Waco if my facts are correct, while the fertilizer plant is North.  This makes it all the more true for me.  Just as it is one day short of exactly 20 years since the first Waco massacre, and 20 miles outside of Waco, this helps keeps the very obvious hidden in plain view.  Some say the Illuminati are experts at this.  

LedaMay REDO - Stunning Video - Missile used in Texas - Closer Look @ Video

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