Horrifying al-Qaeda Terrorist Book For The United States (video)

A new al-Qaeda “guidebook” for extremists written in English, aims to incite homegrown “lone wolves” into carrying out small-scale terrorist attacks inside the United States and other Western countries, using materials as easily obtainable as motor or cooking oil, sugar and matches to trigger massive traffic accidents, devastating fires and deadly explosions. 

Source of text: NBC News

This book includes home made pipe bombs and how to build timers for them and how to use your ford pickup truck to mow down a crowd!

After reading through the entire book something occured to me. This book did not seem as though it was written by someone of a foreign language and then translated.

 This book gave me the feeling as though it was written by someone in the U.S., possibly a government agency, to further push along the domestic terrorist threat and the lone gunman theory. Would our government produce such damaging propaganda to gain more control of our already fading freedoms? Your damn right they would!

You can download the uncensored version for yourself and see if you think our government is behind this.

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