Last November I theorized about underground tunneling in the U.S. and wrote this about mysterious "booms" being heard in New Jersey:

I don't know what these "booms" are, but it sounds to me like it is artillery.  China has a HUGE network of tunnels that the military uses to hide and move people, armaments, nuclear weaponry etc., from spy satellites.  With Lakehurst military base not too far away, I can't help but theorize if there is military tunneling going on, crazy as that sounds. Whatever it is, these "booms" have been heard not only in Jersey and South Carolina, but also in Michigan and Wisconsin.  There are reports, such as in North Carolina of booms, just as mysterious but I don't think those are being described as an explosion.  If it is military, just like with UFO's, expect a lot of disinformation from the mainstream media.

You can read about that story here
Yesterday a friend (thanks Nena!) sent me the video below and contemplated that perhaps my tunnel theory had some merit.  Let's hope that me and this video are off track. Otherwise our leaders have "something" planned, or are expecting "something" substantial and they aren't telling us what this "something" is, but I think we could probably venture a guess  based on several factors such as the infiltration of Communists and Islamists into our government and power centers, the recent mass buying of bullets by Homeland Security and other Federal Agencies and of course, THE INFILTRATOR himself, Barry Soetoro with his desired "transformation" of America.

FYI- there is a small amount of salty language.    

Entrance to U.S. underground City and roadway system from Awakened Warrior of Truth on Vimeo.

Then there is this warning from a law enforcement officer that really isn't making me feel much better:

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