Contrary to what the power brokers would have you believe in order that you’ll give up your pension, cut your wages, and settle for the life that people live in a third world country, the globalists want you to believe that you are broke and there is nothing you can do about it. America is not broke, not even close!

~ Dave Hodges

The United States of America is awash in wealth, cash, proprietary assets and an unimaginable amount of mineral wealth. What belongs to the people has been transferred, in the greatest theft in world history, from the workers and consumers to the banks and the portfolios of the criminal elite gangsters which control the politicians with insider-trading and outright bribes.
Today just 400 Americans have more wealth than half of all Americans combined. Despite this grim statistic which reveals the wealth imbalance in this country, our nation has never been wealthier.
Below are four examples of why America is nowhere close to being broke, followed by an analysis on why the global elite are telling the public that we are broke beyond repair.
Underground Wealth
Americans are lamenting that our budget deficit is approaching $17 trillion dollars. Our national debt and deficit is a drop in the bucket compared to the assets that our government controls.
Far beneath the ground, the federal government owns the rights to mineral and energy leases, from which they receive royalties, rents, and bonus payment, states the Institute for Energy Research, an industry group. According to their estimates, government states that the assets are worth $128 trillion. That’s almost eight times the national debt.
“These resources could be leased to third parties and could subsequently earn the state and national government  huge royalties, rents, and bonus payments that estimates could total almost $150 billion over 10 years, just for the oil and gas leases alone.” 
Then why isn’t this being done? Simple, ask yourself who would lose money if this were to come to fruition? The oil companies, that’s who! The same oil companies that block oil drilling on the North Shore of Alaska. The same oil companies who preserve the existing relationship with Middle Eastern nations, which someday, will pull us into a devastating world war.
Further, the unleashing of these assets would reduce the costs of energy for consumers and businesses.  Now, the owners of the utilities, the same people who are the owners of the oil companies, could not permit that. The utilities have invested billions toward the installation of smart meters and a new infrastructure  smart grid, in which they control all energy pricing.
Another factor that comes into play on why these assets are not being unleashed is because plentiful, reliable and cheap energy supplies would greatly accelerate economic growth and jump start the economy out of the doldrums.
When the globalists’ goal is the creation of a one world economic system controlled by a tyrannical one world government, the old government and economy must be brought down and this economic boon to the economy cannot be allowed to transpire.
Therefore, the government acts as a procurement agent for the globalists, who will eventually unleash these assets to themselves, after the collapse of the dollar.
Why the Globalists Want a Negative Birth Rate
Have you ever noticed that every global think tank champions gay marriage and unregulated abortion?
The globalists disguise their arguments as a moral and civil rights issue. However, this is not really a moral issue at all to the globalists, the real agenda is that the globalists want a declining population because a declining population means a lowered demand for goods and services.
Gay marriages and abortions lowers the population growth, which helps to take the air out of the economy by lowering the population.
The same principle can be applied to population growth within the United States. Illegal immigration is good for the globalists because their presence significantly lowers wages and the majority of the immigrants are low-skilled, poorly educated people who do not fuel economic growth to the level where their low wage status would be impacted.
Now, it is true that the next generation of immigrants could make significant economic inroads. However, by the time their presence is economically realized, the bankers will have collapsed the dollar. Therefore, their presence is a benefit to the corporations, and the impact upon the economy is negligible.
The same negligible influence on economic growth cannot be said for Generation Y, the Echo Boomers.
Through an analysis of population trends, domicile choices on the part of today’s young adults and the globalists desired goal to bring down the American economy in order to seize total control, it is now possible to make a reasonable estimate as to when the globalists plan to collapse the dollar.
American has 80 million young adults in what is referred to as the “Echo Boom” generation. If the vast majority of 80 million adults were to ever be economically let loose on America as  full time wage earners and consumers, the United States would witness one of the greatest economic surges in our history.
The globalists cannot wait much longer before collapsing the economy because if they wait too long the economic power of Generation Y, the Echo Boomers, will have an irreversible impact on the economy for decades to come.
What we are now referring to as the “Great Recession” has delayed the emancipation plans, into adulthood, of many recent college graduates.
In a tight job market, many are living with their parents and trying to save some money from the lower level jobs that they occupy compared to what their training and education had previously prepared them for. However, the multi-generational household phenomenon, in which adult children are living with their parents, which is sweeping America, will not last forever.
On the extreme outside, the young adults are 20-30 years away from inheriting hard assets as their parents die. Now, you understand why Obama and Congress are attempting to limit how much inheritance can be passed on and why the estate taxes are going through the proverbial roof.
Now, you also understand why the MERS mortgage fraud which is stealing thousands, on its way to millions of homes through mortgage fraud has been allowed to proliferate. Now, you further know why the Federal Reserve is printing $40 billion per month in mortgage backed securities to buy up distressed properties.
The Federal Reserve is behind the planned collapse of our dollar, which explains why they are buying gold like there is no tomorrow. while they are preventing a housing recovery. The Federal Reserve is indeed attempting to deflate the housing market so that there can be almost no generational transmission of wealth.
This will prevent the Echo Boomers from changing the trend curve of our economic collapse given their sheer numbers.
The Echo Boomers mere presence on the economic scene would cause stocks to go up, more houses will have to be built, thus stimulating a real estate recovery and the cumulative national income would explode. The globalists cannot permit this to happen. because it would delay their plans to collapse the economy.
Most Gen Y young adults are 10 years from full assumption of their debts (e.g. buying their own cars, buying houses, etc.). As stated earlier, if they did nothing, but continue to live with their parents, they would inherit their parents wealth and the impact on the economy would be dramatic.
Therefore, I would estimate that the economy as we know it, will be devastated by design, in the next 2-6 years. This explains why the globalists are accelerating the implementation of their takeover.
There are 80 million of them, and they’re out to save the American economy. Of course, if all else fails for the globalists, there is always WWIII.
Untold Capital Assets Sitting Idle
Over the past 3 decades, America has added about 2 billion square feet of office space to its existing inventory, most of which today’s highly mobile, and work-at-home workforce no longer needs as a permanent home base for their businesses.
There is an almost unfathomable amount of empty desks, vacant conference rooms, unoccupied office parks.
Wasted commercial real estate is the curse for many chief financial officers. On average in North America, desks and offices sit unused about two-thirds of the time. Can you just imagine, if this space could be collateralized which could mean a savings to many businesses by as much at two-thirds? Fewer businesses would go broke, higher wages could be paid, more benefits offered, and lower prices for products and services could be realized.
In a startup company, called Liquidspace, the concept of utilizing office space much more efficiently and for profit is proving to be a profitable venture. Practices like telecommuting are commonplace. The possibilities are mind-boggling.
Greater business profits would generate far more tax revenue. One would think that the federal government would latch onto this concept like bees on honey. This is actually one tax break that even I could support.
Common sense would seem to dictate that the government would be offering tax incentives for these practices because of the wealth generating potential resulting from increased business productivity.
All we hear are the crickets chirping while this untapped set of resources, which could serve to stimulate the economy, sits idle. I suspect that the same entities which force our energy reserves to sit idle are at work here as well.
CAFR’s the Great Hidden Money Supply
For over a decade, accountant , Walter Burien, has been trying to raise public consciousness over what he says is a massive conspiracy, totaling trillions of dollars, hidden away in funds maintained at every level of government.
Burien’s numbers may be questioned, but there can be no doubt that significant hidden funds clearly exist. The existence of CAFR’s are evidenced by the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs) is required of every government agency.
Colonel Gerald Klatt alerted Burien to the existence of CAFR’s. Klatt died under very mysterious circumstances, in 2004, which lent credence to the claim that there was a conspiracy to cover up the scope and true nature of CAFR’s. Just what is a CAFR and how does it explain how the American are being lied to about how much money truly exists within the control of the government?
To help you understand this, let’s pretend that you were to have a checking account with $100 and a savings account with $1,000 in two different banks. Let’s further imagine that you only reported to the IRS, that you only had $100 dollars as your net worth because you don’t want to use your savings account to pay bills (i.e. taxpayer obligations) .
Subsequently, you’d be audited and put in a federal prison. The government plays by its own rules that it makes up. The government simply designates of “non-governmental” or “non-taxpayer” income and investment returns allows them to hide all of this wealth from the people and as reported in the government’s Budget Report.
The funds and wealth in the CAFR report, never gets reported. If you and I did this, we would go to jail. And the reason that governments continue to engage in this shady practice, is that they want to be able to justify the taking of a  greater portion of your income through increased taxation. I call this highway robbery.
The release of CAFR’s, alone, could erase our national debt and return financial affluence to America. For example, although then Governor Brown claimed the state budget deficit of $16 billion requires austerity actions, the state CAFR revealed $600 billion in CAFR’s.
When all the CAFR surplus accounts are totaled, Californians have been overtaxed by $8 trillion dollars in a sampled study. 
This is being done at every level of government, two sets of books and two sets of figures. This makes the national debt appear to be meaningless.
And whatever happened to Col. Klatt? He served for a long time as an Air Force auditor and federal accountant, and it’s likely that he got too close to some military CAFR’s being used for “off the books” operations.  Google Walter Burien and be prepared to get really upset about how much money is being withheld by government.
Not a word of this has appeared on the networks, despite the overwhelming proof that American is not broke. However, it is becoming clear that America actually has two accounting systems , the cash system and the hard asset system, but we only hear about the cash system. Stop listening to the economists, they are brainwashed by the media and by their education.
Here is the bottom line, this nation can experience a currency collapse while still being wealthy with hard assets. We are being deceived by the use of funny money and a bogus accounting system.
In all but the case of the missing CAFR’s, it is clear that our resources are being horded and withheld by the government. Why?
Because when the globalists, who controls the government, will eventually collapse the cash system, they know that most Americans will not know about the existence of untold trillions of dollars of wealth which is contained in our “withheld” hard assets (e.g. energy, office space, labor capital of 80 million Echo Boomers, etc.).
Subsequently, when the banks take their first planned bank holiday after the collapse, most Americans will think this is the end game and will roll over and take their beating without a fight when all we would have to do is to convert our hard assets to public use and this would eventually rescue our troubled money system.
I have only listed four ways that the banker controlled government withholds true wealth from the American people. There are literally dozens, but these concepts are not taught to our dumbed down students in their history and economics classes.
The media is not reporting on this. You will come to understand why the media is silent when you come to understand who owns the media.
It is up to us to spread the word and let the public know that we are not broke and that we are merely playing in rigged game.  When Americans come to realize that the game is fixed,  they will begin to take their money out of the banks.
Did you know that when you put one dollar in the bank, through the corrupt practice of fractional reserve banking, the bank can lend out an additional 10 dollars? This is bankrupting the value of our cash while the bankers enrich themselves.  
Get your money out of the banks, NOW!.
If you sat down to play poker and you realized the deck was filled with marked cards, wouldn’t you have the sense to fold your cards and walk away? Well then, do the same thing here.
Use your common sense.  Do not play in a corrupt game. Start to grow your own food. Get out of the stock market and stop shopping at Kmart, Walmart and all the other slave-labor marts.  
Explore ways to get off the grid. There are a number of things we can do to get out of the bankers clutches. But most of all, we need to let them know that we understand their playbook and we are not going along with it.
We can win this fight, but we have to educate our fellow citizens, so we can act collectively. We are the sleeping giant, the 900 lb. gorilla as well as the elephant in the room. The globalists are afraid that we will discover what they are really up to, and we have.
I am asking you to forward this article to everyone you know. I believe that within these examples and analyses, are the, not yet developed strategies, which can bring down the globalists and return our country to the people.
I am confident that individuals, much smarter than I, will devise attack strategies against the globalists as a result of a national discussion which should ensue now that the true facts are known.
Before we can unleash our hidden wealth, we must first unleash our hidden and collective brainpower. Roll up your sleeves America we are going to war against our would-be slave masters.

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