How Chicago and Obama Globalized Voter Fraud

It's been about 6 weeks since Obama "won" re-election and about another three until he is sworn in again.
There is, according to the considerable research I have read and blogged, enough evidence of voter fraud in just the 2012 elections to consider the election not only fraudulent, but a coup de'tat for the infiltrated Democratic Party.  More so, their is overwhelming evidence that our "free press" is no longer free and in fact, has not been so for quite some time, but another arm of the Progressives filling the citizenry with half-truths and propaganda.  I say all of that to say this: Have you noticed what a dark and dangerous place this nation has turned into?  Many of us have stopped paying in a horror movie we sometimes have a tendency to look away because our minds don't want to witness what is coming next.  The reality of Obama's coup and the realization that the American Press is on HIS SIDE can tempt us to shut down, in fact some of us have done just that. It is akin to psychological warfare. 
But we must not stop praying. Must not stop speaking out. We must not go back to sticking our head in the proverbial sand which is partly what got us in this mess to begin with.  We must stick together because "a house divided against itself cannot stand", and that is a main tactic of this regime; Divide and Conquer. 
I for one still believe that one person plus God is still a majority.  If we want to turn this ship around, then we perhaps are looking at it wrong because there is no going back.  But maybe we can press on to a higher calling. 
If we begin to realize that "friendship with the world is enmity with God", maybe the church can start being the church again. Maybe we can see the true problem we have in this nation for what it is and Obama just a symptom, a consequence from that problem; SIN.  Yes, I said the "S" word, please pardon my unpolitical correctness.  There is only one solution to that problem that I know of and His name is Jesus Christ.  The real battle in this nation is for her soul and the battle lines are clearly being laid down. Because the battle is spiritual, we cannot fight it apart from spiritual warfare which begins and ends on our knees, or perhaps prostrate on our faces.  America for decades thought she was rich, beautiful and powerful forgetting without God we are blind, and naked and poor.  How deceived we have been.  
To win the battle America is facing we must first be sure we are on God's side.  We need prayer warriors to stay up day and night to pray to call on the name of the Lord our God. We need to be men and women of conviction 7 days a week and not just on Sunday.  We may need to turn off the wretched TV, say no to a constant need to be "entertained" by this world, stop anesthetizing ourselves with medications or with "a couple of drinks" or with anything else that is mood altering and find our sufficiency in the God of the universe whose temple is our body. Because of this, we must live in purity.  When we stumble, and we will, we must remember to confess our sins before God and get back up.  I certainly am not speaking as one who has "arrived",  but I am pressing on to the high calling. We must call one another to accountability.  We must be in the Word daily and the Word in us.
We must stop living in fear and start believing that His Grace really is sufficient.  We must be thankful in all circumstances for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus. 
Above all, we must love one another.
We must remember to help the weak and needy among us.
This world is a dark place, let us shine our light that we may bring others into that light perhaps for the first time and even more importantly, glorify our heavenly Father. 
This is my understanding of how we can once again be that "city on a hill" that Reagan said we were.  If you agree, please let me know or share this.  If you don't, please let me know where I am wrong.
End Rant.

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Chicago has a long tradition of padding its vote totals by placing homeless and deceased persons on its voter registration list. Jim Laski, who once served as the City Clerk of Chicago, second in power only to the mayor, noted in his book My Fall From Grace that fraudulent voters were registered to addresses that included cemeteries, municipal buildings, and taverns. 
The taverns, at least, are understandable: politically connected city workers spent so much time on bar stools the Board of Elections thought they lived there.
Other voters who had died or moved away were also on the voter registration list. Once again, the tendency for the dead to vote in Chicago can be easily explained: the dead cannot be expected to walk to City Hall and remove themselves from the registered voter list. Everyone in Chicago knows they can only walk as far as the local polling place. This tradition was verified in 1983 when the registered voter list was examined and it was found that 3,000 had either died or moved away.
Since 1985 Chicago has pioneered new ways to promote illegal immigration. After 1990 the illegal immigrant population in Chicago and the nation skyrocketed. As illegal immigrants flocked to Chicago, a method was needed to get them on the registered voter list. Although 80,000 illegal aliens voted in 1982, the old-fashioned way, through vote fraud; by 2005 both Cook County and the state of Illinois had moved to allow photo I.D. to be given to illegal immigrants by passing matricula consular laws.
By allowing the matricula consular to function as an official photo I.D., Illinois and Chicago can say they are conforming to any Voter ID requirement. But the Cook County law (most Illinois illegal immigrants live in Cook County) also allows the consulates of Mexico and "any other Latin American country" to issue the consular I.D.s at their discretion. In effect, Illinois has enabled foreign countries to decide who votes in U.S. elections.
In 1983 an alien born in Belize stated to the Chicago Tribune that he and his two sisters were never required to show any identification when they registered to vote. The matricula consular enables people to reside in Illinois, and once they reside there, they need no ID to register to vote. This "globalization" of voting rights is clearly a violation of the U.S. Constitution, yet has never been challenged in any court during its ten year history. This supports the idea that Chicago's goal is to attract large numbers of undocumented residents from all countries.
How Barack Obama enabled illegal immigrants to get on voting lists is the heretofore missing story of the actions he took in the 1990s to help expand the number of Hispanic voters.
Political analysts who have researched Obama's policy history found that he voted "present" over 100 times as a member of the Illinois State Senate. So he was not actively involved in much legislation. The clues to what he did do in his early days are to be found in his community organizing work. A review of these activities reveals that he was focused on expanding "voter participation." In 1993 he helped run a voter registration drive for ACORN called "Project Vote" which registered 135,000 new voters and was crucial to the election of U.S. Senator Carol Moseley Braun.
Obama's activities took place within a national context: Bill Clinton won the election of 1992 by such a narrow margin that he immediately set out to create a larger voter base for 1996. To do so he passed the Motor Voter Law, which contains a loophole stating that a potential voter does not need to have an ID in order to register to vote. Expanding the voter base was so important to President Clinton that the Motor Voter Law was the first bill he signed into law as president.
Barack Obama, as a U.S. Senator, was also a vocal critic of Voter ID laws. In 1995, the first year the Motor Voter law was to be implemented, Barack Obama represented ACORN and successfully sued the Republican governor of Illinois, forcing the state to implement the law.
After he became president, Obama had his Justice Department sue Arizona for passing SB 1070, claiming that immigration is a Federal issue and that SB 1070 would interfere with Federal procedures. Of course he has never sued Illinois for enabling the matricula consular to function as a valid state ID, or sued Cook County for allowing the matricula consular to function as a "valid passport" when a Latin American returns to their native country.
These two actions have the effect of enabling illegal Hispanic immigrants to cross Arizona into Illinois and other states, and vote. From 1990 to 2000, the number of Hispanics of voting age in Cook County, IL increased 54% to 689,383.
Enabling foreign nationals to vote in Illinois allowed the Democrats to manipulate not just local and state elections, but the presidential election as well. This is because the electoral college is not based on votes counted, but on population. The 2000 Census found that in 19 of the 100 largest U.S. cities the only part of the population that is growing is the Hispanic segment. Mexican families have twice as many children as white families. And children are also counted by the Census Bureau to determine the number of Congressional Representatives. The larger the population a state has, the more electoral college members it has. States that are solidly Democratic can continue to extend their influence on the Presidential elections by extending their Hispanic populations. Today, one in four children born in the U.S. is Hispanic.
It has been 27 years since Chicago started sanctuary policy for illegal immigration. Since that time Chicago, Illinois, and other cities and states have expanded the illegal immigrant population by stretching the envelope of immigration through Sanctuary Policy. At the same time they have stretched the concept of voter registration.
The notion that foreign nationals can influence elections is no longer a possibility but a reality. The first president to both actively participate in that process and benefit from it is Barack Obama. These actions prove that President Obama is not a socialist or a Marxist, he is an old-fashioned Chicago Democrat who is focused on padding the voter registration list to get elected. 

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