Pulpit Freedom Sunday Oct 7 2012: Churches Could Have Curtailed Coming Tyranny

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I’ve talked about the problem with our churches in this country which seem to have forgotten why they have the freedom to stand in their pulpits and talk about everything but why they have the freedom to stand in their pulpits.  If you read here often, you know I despise the National Council of Churches. I think the NCC is evil. I do not think the member churches of NCC are evil for the most part, but all member churches are contributing to the evil, most without knowing it. Most conservative congregants attending traditional denominations, haven’t a clue what some of their money (tithing) funds. 
Once a year since 9/11/01, some pastors have taken part in Pulpit Freedom Sunday. This year, Pulpit Freedom Sunday is today, October 7, 2012. The pastors in some 1,000 churches across the fruited plain will endorse candidates or political positions. Right now you are horrified, because won’t the church be in jeopardy of losing it’s tax exempt status?
The fact is, not a single church has received a threat or even an investigation into political speech. How could they? Every Black church in the Nation has political speech on Sunday morning, at the Wednesday potluck and in Sunday School too. It will never do to take the coveted tax exempt status from a Black church. Can you imagine the outcry? Can you hear Sharpton and Jackson?
There is no threat, other than the threat perceived by pastors of parishioners moving to a church more in line with their own beliefs, moving to a church where Biblical principles are not prime; parishioners who might not want to be reminded that because of the U.S. Constitution, they have the right and the freedom to attend the church of their choice on any day of the week available to them – again, ONLY because of the Constitution.
Some parishioners might not want to acknowledge the importance of adhering to and protecting every Constitutional principle, because to not do so, to look the other way, when you want your unconstitutonal guy/gal to win the Oval Office or the Senate or House seat, because that person enhances your life in some way or is “your” party, means you have to stand against him/her. It means you have to stand for the good of We the People. It means you must stand against Socialism. It means you must look marxism, facism and communism squarely in the face so that you recognize it when the National Council of Churches spends your money on unholy projects.
I wasn’t going to editorialize on this. Instead I was going to let Gina Loudon do the talking. I’ve said my piece. Here’s her’s, and I deeply and sincerely agree with her:
How did we get to where we are in our culture and our politics today?  I have wondered this since Obama took office and started exacting his socialist agenda on our great country.  There is plenty of blame to go around—complacency, greed, laziness, apathy.  I submit that churches may not have caused the problems we have today, but certainly could have curtailed the advancement of tyranny.
In my work (my book and The Dr. Gina Show), I have laid out the way that some cowardly pastors have tolerated their flocks’ apathy, greed, complacency and laziness, and that only the pastors have the ability to cause a revolution of the greater congregation to make real change. (Read it here)
Loudon points out that some of the Pulpit Freedom Sunday pastors send tapes of their endorsements to the IRS. The thing to know, and to talk to your pastor about is, the Alliance Defense Fund/Alliance Defending Freedom has pledged to represent any church hassled by the IRS for talking about freedom and liberty in their churches.
No church is alone in this fight. The Alliance Defense Fund is ready to assist. For every parishioner who leaves and takes a wallet with him/her, another is out there, just like me, looking for the church that understands our God given rights to liberty must be fought for, as did our Founders. We live in the most blessed democratic republic to ever exist anywhere at anytime. Surely that blessing worth discussion.
If this is new to you, please visit the National Council of Churches website, regularly. If you have conservative leanings, you’ll quickly get the message. If you don’t know if your church is an NCC member church, check this list. I believe something like 2% of what you give your home church ends up at the NCC for their “work.” I could be wrong about the percentage, but be assured that some of your money does make it into their war chest.
I’ll close with one example. The state of Oklahoma is home to the headquarters of Hobby Lobby stores. Christian owners, the David Green family, filed a lawsuit to challenge the ObamaCare mandate for employers to provide free birth control, and the abortion morning after pill. It is unconstitutional for an employer to be government-mandated to pay for these things against the moral compass some of us follow. I remind you that abortion is legal and birth control is free. The National Council of Churches came riding to the rescue of all those women who don’t want to stop by their local Planned Parenthood for their free birth control and abortions.  They teamed with George Soros’ MoveOn.org and UltraViolet to gather 800,000 signatures with threats to boycott Hobby Lobby’s 541 stores across America. That’s the drum the NCC marches too. Please don’t misunderstand what I’m saying. The Health Care mandate is just one problem with the NCC. Their position on the military is a problem for me. Here in Oklahoma, the Methodist church sponsored a fundraiser for the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). CAIR is an un-indicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation War on Terrorism case. 
Please, if you are a member of a mainstream church – one of the NCC Communes, at least look into it. Also check into “Patriot Pastors” and “The Black Robe Regiment.” You might be surprised to learn that your pastor isn’t aware of the agenda behind the NCC (in the name of Jesus Christ).

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