Report: U.S. Ambassador was raped before he was murdered

Ambassador Stevens
The religion of peace.  
I am sorry to post this, but we must know our enemy, and their insanity.  
Apparently a You-Tube video is reprehensible to Allah, but sodomizing and murdering an innocent person is okay with Allah.   No, I don't believe for a second that this was ultimately about a video. But I do believe that the Muslim extremists in leadership are using the video to bring their devoted followers to a murderous frenzy for their own evil purposes, those being both religious and political.  Sadly, our own government is likely in this up to their eyeballs.  Why were no marines guarding the American consulate? Why were clear warnings two days earlier not heeded? Why on 9-11 were not all embassies on high alert for terrorist attacks?
- W.E.


The Arabic language website known as Lebanon News ( has just reported the horrific claim that the heavily armed mob responsible for the murder of U.S. Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, 52, actually raped him before he was killed.
The Google Translation of the report follows:
-"The U.S. ambassador to Libya was raped sexually before killing by gunmen who stormed the embassy building in Benghazi last night to protest against the film is offensive to the Prophet Muhammad"
-"The sources told AFP said that 'Ambassador was killed and representation of his body in a manner similar to what happened with Gaddafi, such as murder.'"
Ambassador Stevens was killed on Tuesday along with three other embassy staff as a group of terrorists attacked the U.S. consulate office in Benghazi, where Stevens was hold up.
The mob fired countless gunshots and rocket propelled grenades at the U.S. compound, eventually setting the consulate ablaze.
Also on Tuesday, a violent mob scaled the walls of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Egypt, replacing the U.S. flag with that of al Queda's.
Over his career, Stevens served two diplomatic tours in Libya, and was confirmed as ambassador to that country by the Senate in May.
Until Tuesday, only five U.S. ambassadors have been killed in the line of duty, according to the U.S. State Department.

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