ALERT!? Michigan Patriots May Have Been Bombed by the Government (NEW UPDATE)

To be sure, the source for the idea that an American city has been bombed is the Kremlin. I don't buy them anymore then I do American media, I mean really.   However, sources locally offer a compelling story that SOMETHING happened. More investigation seems to be warranted. -W.E.

UPDATED AGAIN 1/30/13 @ 3:47est.  -W.E.
With news about Martial law training in Miami and Houston, (link) this story has once again grown legs and garnered quite a bit of attention on this site. A reader informed me via FB that the second video below has been taken down but I was able to find it again and replace it. I have updated the story which has taken me to Bob Powell's radio interview this passed August where he discusses the Michigan explosion and his arrest. Theories abound regarding the Michigan explosion and other explosions happening around the nation. To be honest, the host of the radio show Roxy Lopez is very good having spent some time investigating underground explosions herself and the heavy amount of military now roaming our nation.
Bob begins talking at the 20 minute mark but the topic takes off at the 40 minute mark if you are in a hurry:
 What did Bobby Talk about on the show today?
1. The explosion itself. Just today I had a local media personality contact me with his own story about the blast. I've had four reputable sources, including the County Undersheriff, go on the record about the explosion so I I know I'm not making a mountain out of a molehill. Something big happened up here and it is being covered up.
2. The Sorcha Faal CIA Disinfo story. Proof that I'm on to something.
3. The radiation spike 1:45 after the explosion.
4. My arrest. Yes, ultimately I was charged with driving with a suspended license, BUT, I didn't know it was suspended and the Air Force shouldn't have known either. I was arrested the second I stepped onto the base, before I had a chance to produce any identification. The base commander knew I was coming because I had called ahead of time and told them to expect me. When the guard waved me through to the parking area I assumed that was normal, because to my mind it was. In my experience reporting from military bases, nothing was out of the ordinary. I was expecting an escort to take me to the Public Information Office; instead, I was slapped in handcuffs.
5. The UFO: A witness came forward on the 22nd claiming to have seen a UFO being chased and engaged by F-16s over Lake Huron. I still haven't got the full story from him, and nothing on the record YET; but I was intrigued by what I was told and decided to look at the radar tracks for the period of time surrounding his sighting - 12 hours after the initial explosion. That's when I found the unidentified aircraft and the planes that went missing from the scope. Had I not learned about this sighting, I never would have looked at the tracks for that period of time.
6. The Tree: This past Sunday I was at the beach with my granddaughters, while the rest of the country was experiencing apocalyptic weather, it was a beautiful, still, sunny day here in Alpena; still, a huge branch from 60 feet up a a perfectly healthy tree crashed onto the roof of my house for no apparent reason. Sound familiar? I'm sure it also sounds very convenient; but I'm not making any claims about it as pertains to this story. I just thought it was an interesting aside.

Michigan Explosions and Disappearing planes

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Michigan Explosions & UFO Sighting : Reporter Bob Powell

UPDATE:  Just saw this video of a military convoy in Big Rapids Michigan uploaded on 6/7. Coincidence?     Follow us on Facebook


Has the first battle in the Revolution occurred, only to be hidden by the de facto government?

According to Kremlin reports, more than 380 American resistors were killed in Michigan last week.  The intelligence says that about 500 patriots opposed to the Obama regime had met in Alpena County, Michigan, to discuss a 50 state alliance of law enforcement officers.
According to the Kremlin, it was discovered that FBI agents had infiltrated the group.  When the agents were arrested, a large contingency of heavily armed federal officers arrived, attempting to arrest the patriots.
After a prolonged battle, the government launched airstrikes, the largest of which was a 2000 pound laser guided bomb. More than 75% of the attendees were killed immediately. (source)

A Michigan reporter, Bob Powell, reported on the blast.  When he began to investigate, he was summarily arrested.

The cover-up runs deep, in usual Obama media-blackout style. The concurrent events run even deeper.

In the same area….

On Thursday evening, in Michigan and Indiana, there were reports of explosions and radiation spikes.  No source for the radiation was reported upon.  Levels of over 7000 CPM were reported – keep in mind that anything over 100 CPM is cause for concern. Once these spikes were noticed, the EPA monitors were mysteriously taken off-line. (source)  Luckily, a screenshot was saved from the EPA monitors. The owner of the Radiation Network released a statement, saying “My apologies to all. I have no idea what caused this. The alert level reading (Wednesday) evening appears to be a false alert from an equipment malfunction,” said Flanegin. “We use some form of radiation, almost everyday. We count on it for medicine, the sciences, communication and cooking.” However, the spikes were not just recorded by these two sources - civilians also recorded the alarmingly high spike in radiation. 

Military helicopters and strategic aircraft were spotted and photographed by local residents.  (source) There were also reports of large trees being snapped in half, hours of nearly constant explosions and the deployment of DHS hazmat teams (source)
helicoptersinsky Nuclear Cover Up: Explosions, Military Helicopters Filmed Near Blacked Out Radiation Zone helicoptersradiation Nuclear Cover Up: Explosions, Military Helicopters Filmed Near Blacked Out Radiation Zone

One resident recorded the explosions. {Then there is this added by W.E.: Link }

Let’s look at the alarming coincidences.
      In the same area, during the same time period:
1.)  There are reports of a battle between “dissenters” and the feds.
2.)  There are large numbers of helicopters and military aircraft overhead.
3.)  There are constant explosions in the area.
4.)  There are dangerously high spikes in radiation.
Did our fearless “leader” Barack Obama, President of the de facto government of the United States of America, actually use weapons containing depleted uranium on a group of constitutional patriots? Did he condone the use of these weapons of mass destruction on US soil?  Did the federal agents then take the surviving resistors into custody under the NDAA, causing them to completely disappear?
Remember that in the newest incarnation of the NDAA, psy-ops and propaganda are now legally allowed to be used as tools by the de facto government.
Did we just have the first battle of the Revolution?

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