Whose Side Are You On, Mr Obama?


If you watch the news either on TV or the internet, you have probably heard of the lastest fiasco for the Obama Administration. A little background first. Years ago, The Navy Seals were NEVER mentioned by the government, news organizations, or any of the media for that matter because they were a secret unit when politicians knew how to keep secrets.

No one EVER revealed the identities of the members of the units because of the covert work they do. Navy Seals are very highly trained military personnel who avoid the spotlight.  

They do not seek publicity for the job few else can do. So why then did the Obama White House release the name of the Commander of Seal Team 6 (the team that took down Osama Bin Lauden) to two Hollywood movie people and made them promise to keep it secret? Obviously, that worked out well….yeah right!
Interestingly, it is reported that these two guys in question are making a movie about the operation and needed information for authenticity! Of course, this is the raid that Obama claimed he was RESPONSIBLE for achieving, even though he had no other politically safe option than to give the go-ahead. The real kicker in all this drama is that the movie was to be released in October…right BEFORE the election. Can you imagine that? I guess the timing was just a coincidence?

The bothersome fact of this disclosure is that the radical Muslims have the capacity to make the life of this Commander a dangerous one, should they choose to do so. Spilling state secrets not only endangers the personnel involved; it also damages our counter-terrorism intelligence organizations! What the hell was the President thinking? 
This situation illustrates that Mr Obama does NOT understand the seriousness of the presidency, nor the reason for keeping state secrets SECRET! The sad part about this whole fiasco is that the information was given out for a movie that would be made to make Obama look like a “warrior President” just before an election! Did the President really believe that seeing his name on the big screen was worth putting a target on the Seal Commander’s back?

This president has buried this country under a mountain of debt. He put more people out of work than he cares to admit, comes up with a trillion dollar nightmare called “Obamacare”, wasted hundreds of millions of dollars on boondoggle “green energy” projects, is trying to put the coal industry out of business, strap the American people with energy costs that are way out of line from what they should be, and now he exposes one of the unsung secret operatives in exchange for a Hollywood movie designed to make him look good just before the election!

Kind of makes you wonder what he really meant when he told the Russian president during his infamous open mic gaffe , ” This is my last election so I’ll have more flexibility afterwards”. Flexibilty to do WHAT? Give the Russians our defense secrets? Make concessions to the Russians without anything in return? After what the Obama White House has just done to Seal Team 6, I would suggest that you all think long and hard before you mark that ballot in November.

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