Days of Chaos

                     " men will faint from fear from what is coming on the earth."

I know, I know.  People scoff at the idea of demons. They scoff at the idea that Jesus and His disciples, the bible says, "cast out demons". The "sophisticated" among us shun the idea of the supernatural. Some will confess angels exist...but demons?  I confess that when I first heard the story of a man "growling" and continue to eat at the face of another man even while a Police Officer pointed a gun at first thought was this was a demon possessed man.  -W.E.


Naked man who was shot, killed while trying to eat another man’s face identified

Days Of Chaos – Part 2

As the story about the man, or should I say cannibal who was eating the face of another man unfolds,  we now discover, according to the latest report coming out of Miami, that the man growled like a wild animal, when the officer approached the scene.

The actual quote that was released was, ’he growled at me like an animal when I approached him.”  One of the witnesses who saw the incident,  has moved his family out of the sate of Florida. What has terrified the officer that he would go to such lengths to get out of the state?   I believe this officer saw something that shocked him to his very core, that challenged his world view, that unsettled his soul to the point that he is packing up his family and getting away from the horrors of the crime scene.  I believe the reason for this is the officer was met with unmitigated evil.  He experienced face to face the manifestation of a demonic entity whose blood thirst may go back to the days before the flood.   

Here’s why.

We read in the Book of Enoch that when the fallen angels procreated with the women of earth the product of that unholy union was the Nephilim.  We also discover that the Nephilim demanded more and more from their human counterparts and they eventually could not be satisfied.  This led to the Nephilim cannibalising human beings, eating their flesh and drinking their blood. 

Is there a connection between events that happened thousands of years ago and today?   

The media is telling us that this crazed man engaged in these despicable acts because he was high on LSD, and he was having a bad trip.  I believe that this is nothing more that a spin by the media to calm the fears of the public with a story that sounds plausible.   As I stated the man growled like an enraged animal when the policeman approached him.  I wonder what his eyes looked like?

It will be interesting to see what unfolds about this man in the coming days as the investigation continues.  I am, however, not hopeful that we will be told all of the facts.  In the meantime here is another scenario that may provide a more plausible answer to what transpired in Miami
I believe that demons are the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim.  They are earth-bound entities that must possess a man or animal in order to manifest in our dimension.  We see this when Jesus is confronted by the Demoniac of Gadara and when he asks the man his name, he replies, Legion for we are many.  Jesus then commands the demons to come out, but they beg Him not to send them into the abyss.  They then ask if they can go into a herd of swine.  Jesus gives them permission to do this and once the legion of demons enter into the swine the crazed animals hurl themselves over the cliff and drown.

As I stated yesterday drugs open a person up to the demonic realm.  They act as a springboard to the second heaven and also to the entities that roam the earth. i.e. demons.   We don’t know who this crazed individual was and what he believed or what he was engaged in as far as participation in the  occult.  The question for me is did he open himself up to the demonic realm?   Was the growling that the officer heard in fact the outward manifestation of a disembodied spirit of a Nephilim who then engaged precisely in what h e did before the flood, by eating the flesh of his victim?

In closing todays post:  As I stated yesterday these are the Days of Chaos and I believe they are only going to get worse.  Why?  Because the demonic is beginning to manifest in ways that I have never seen before.  May I suggest that we are moving into a time unlike any other and men will faint from fear from what is coming on the earth.  
There is a war that is going on and it is beginning to spill out upon the earth.  As it begins to do so, will we see more of what happened in Miami?   Please remember the words of Jesus who warns us that unless those days were shortened – the days of the tribulation – no flesh would survive.   If these are the birth pains as I state every day In the Other News section then these are truly the beginnings of sorrows or the Days of Chaos.

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