"Game Over, Atheists Lose"


After a thorough examination of our founding documents and state constitutions, the U.S. Supreme court ruled that America is a Christian Nation.  Sadly, this may only prove that we were ONCE a Christian nation, from which we derived our favor from God above.  Can we say we are still a Christian nation?  Well, we certainly aren't a Muslim Nation, a Buddhist nation, an Atheist nation or a Hindu nation.  A strong argument can be made that secular forces are what is behind this nation, and is one of the reasons for our recent decline.  That being said, the small amount of atheists in this society, sure do speak with a loud OPINION that the rest of us should leave our Christianity inside the walls of our churches, and oh yes,  would love for us to please take the cross off the churches because that tiny minority feels discriminated against.  Sorry guys, we were here first, and whereas we don't want to offend you...we are NOT going to go hide.  Nice try though.  -W.E.

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