African-American Lynch Mob


Is anybody else out there as sick and tired as I am of lynch mob racists like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton (vide: Tawana Brawley, the Duke Lacrosse kids) who don the mantel of the “civil rights” movement to indict non-blacks in advance of the facts, and incite racial rage against them? 

Yet that is exactly what they – and scores of black leaders – are doing to an Hispanic individual named George Zimmerman. Along with a cast of thousands, they are holding him guilty of racism before the fact, justifying a hatred, as inflammatory as the hatred once spewed by southern crackers against blacks.
There is no evidence whatsoever that race was a defining factor in the tragic death of Trayvon Martin. Notwithstanding the absence of evidence, this unhappy incident is now the occasion for school shut-downs, mass marches and public death threats by enraged African Americans, displaying behaviors reminiscent of the lynch mobs that were once a scourge of their parents’ generation in a now rejected past.
The facts surrounding the death of Trayvon Martin have not been investigated and are still uncertain. But the lynch mob has delivered its verdict: George Zimmerman is guilty of a race crime; Trayvon Martin was killed because he was black. “Trayvon is the Emmett Till of our generation,” said one mob leader, referring to the 12-year-old who was murdered by white racists in 1955 for whistling at a white woman.
There no verifiable evidence for this fact-challenged, inflammatory, claim. According to the lone eyewitness to come forward, it was Martin who attacked Zimmerman and was on top of him and beating him to a pulp when the fatal shot was fired. The fact that Zimmerman’s face was bloody when the police arrived, is an apparent corroboration of this version of the event. Is this what happened? We don’t know. But it is a claim that should get tested in a court of law. Unfortunately to a lynch mob the evidence is irrelevant, the conclusion foregone.
If the demonstrators were merely calling for an investigation that would be proper. But the cries for retribution, and the accusations of racism, which dominate the public demonstrations are not. And that goes for the statement of the President as well. Not willing to be separated from his racial constituency, even when they are behaving badly, Obama has lent his prestige to the insinuation that the crime was inspired by the victim’s race. Otherwise there would be no reason to mention the fact that “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon”? Everyone who has a son should be concerned by the loss of this life. By making it racial, the president is establishing guilt without evidence, and indicting non-black America as well.
The display of racial outrage over this case is a national disgrace. It is a throwback to the past and a shameful repudiation of the values the civil rights movement once stood for but apparently does no longer.
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