WWIII – When You See These Things, Look Up!

L.A. Marzulli

U.S. military beginning review of Syria options

U.S. and Israel Split on Speed of Iran Threat
International ‘militarisation’ in Syria growing closer, warns US official
International ‘militarisation’ in Syria growing closer, warns US official – Telegraph
China defends Syria veto in People’s Daily article

The situation in the Middle East is not going away as is evident by the numerous headlines with links that I posted above.  The plain and simple truth is that war is coming to the region and we would do well to prepare for it here.   The Iranians are threatening that if they are attacked they will strike at US interest, “Anywhere.”
Iran: We can attack U.S. interests “anywhere” – World Watch – CBS News Iran: We can attack U.S. interests “anywhere”   

While this may seem like an idle threat there may be a good amount of truth in it and here’s why.   Last year Hillary Clinton announced that the “terrorists” were trying to get weapons of mass destruction into the US.  This was announced around the time the Iranians were putting the fuel rods into their reactors - with the help of the Rooskies I might add – to start their “peaceful nuclear program.”   A few days later Mahmoud Ahmadinejad proclaimed that if Iran was attacked they would detonate weapons of mass destruction in American cities.  Was this an idle threat, or was he stating a fact?  I propose that the dirty bombs that Osama Bin Laden smuggled across our southern border in the 1990′s are implanted in our cities and guarded by sleeper cells.  (See Paul Williams  book:  Al Qaeda: Brotherhood of Terror)  This threat of dirty bombs, left over from the former Soviet Union, along with the price of oil going through the roof, may be the reason that we have not been more aggressive with the Iranians.
If we step back and look at the result of the Arab Spring we see that in place of the democracy, that we were told by our talking heads, in the weasel-in-the-stream media, would be the result of the uprising,  Sharia law is set to be implemented.  As I have posted before, Israel is now surrounded by hostile neighbors, with perhaps the exception of Jordan, but King Abdullah knows that he must tow the Islamic party-line and he is walking a very tight line indeed, in order to hold on to the reigns of power.
In Closing todays post:  War is coming to the region.  I believe it is WWIII.  This war will not last the 5 years that WWII did, but it will be devastating nonetheless.  I would posit that nukes will be used and we will see it all graphically portrayed on TV, as we are now linked together like never before in all of history.   Isaiah 17, states that Damascus will become a ruinous heap.  Many prophecy scholars have wondered how this would be fulfilled.  Perhaps Damascus is destroyed by its own people.  What we may see is Assad destroying the city rather than let it fall to the rebels.  This may serve as a prelude to Ezekiel 38, which I believe will lead us into the 7 year Tribulation period.  The hope of the believer should be in knowing that all of this leads to the Rider on the White Horse coming with the armies of heaven, and freeing this world from the bondage that it has been held under for millennia, by the Fallen One.   There is a supernatural element to what we are seeing.   There are dark forces, working behind the scenes, but we must remind ourselves of the warning and promise that Yashua/Jesus told us: When you see these things (the wars and rumors of wars and everything I posted in the other news section) look up for your rescue is coming!