The total influence (of the military industrial complex) economic, political, even spiritual is felt in every city, every courthouse, every office of the Federal government… D. D. Eisenhower Jan 17, 1961

Eisenhower’s sobering warning rings true, decades after he delivered, his landmark farewell speech. We now have over 700 military bases world-wide that in my mind is an hegemony.

How has the military-industrial complex grown into the glutted behemoth that is has become? Where did the Libyan rebels get their rocket launchers from? Who is arming the Syrian rebels? Why are we in Afghanistan 10 years after we supposedly cleared most of the Taliban out?

Who profits from the yearly trillion-dollar opium harvest? Why are we still in a country that will only revert to its previous condition, of tribal rivalries, the moment we leave?

Recently a US Army officer accused the military of painting a misleading picture of the war. Here’s the link: Officer breaks ranks on Afghan war

This is what the Lieutenant-Colonel Daniel Davis stated in the article: “What I saw bore no resemblance to rosy official statements by US military leaders about conditions on the ground,” Colonel Davis wrote in an article published in Armed Forces Journal, a private newspaper not affiliated with the Pentagon. “Instead, I witnessed the absence of success on virtually every level,” he wrote under the headline, ”Truth, Lies And Afghanistan: How military leaders have let us down”.

We produce graphic, violent, video war-games and our sons spend hours looking at bloody images of the dying “enemy.” Is this deliberate conditioning so that they will accept war as a normal activity? Take a look at the picture above from Syria. Those are the bodies of real people, with lives like yours and mine. They had hopes and dreams, and they most likely loved their children just like we love ours. Now they’re gone, a causality, a statistic, collateral damage, that are left in the wake of a dictator that is contemplating using chemical weapons on his own people, in a last resort to hold onto the reigns of power.

By no means am I a pacifist, as I will defend my family if I they are threatened. Thus, war is sometimes necessary, as was the case in WWII. Had Hitler won, there wouldn’t be one Jew left alive on the planet and Fascism would rule most or all of Europe, but this ongoing, endless war is a different animal.

In closing todays post: In The Book Of Enoch, we are told that one of the Angels instructed men how to make weapons. This was the handiwork of one of the Fallen Angels, and it set mankind on a dreaded course that we have been on ever since. We hear that The Most High God admonished Cain, that while sin was crouching at the door he could overcome it. Cain succumbed to the whisperings of the Fallen One and Abel’s blood cried out from the ground. War is not the natural order of things. There is no glory in it, as my father who was decorated with two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star, could not talk about WWII, 50 years after the events without breaking down and weeping bitterly. We are told that when Yashua/Jesus returns: They will beat they’re swords into plow shares and men will learn war no more. What a promise this is… world peace, but it will only be achieved when The Prince of Peace returns to set up His millennial Kingdom. This is what we have to look forward to and it is our blessed hope and will end the endless war that continues day after day….

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