Radiation Alert ! 110 CPM in the SNOW - St. Louis, Missouri ☢ AVOID EXPOSURE


Midwest USA -- be aware !

This is NOT GOOD NEWS -- 110CPM radiation detection on the direct falling snow. Location St. Louis, Missouri USA -- time 400pm CST 2/13/2012 . Device used -- Inspector Alert digital geiger counter.

100 CPM is alert level by all accounts (links below to verify that 100 is the actual alert level @ radiation network).

The low measurement point is 78CPM .. high measurement point is 110CPM. These are very high levels to be in the precipitation. Even the low measurement is 'high' @ 78CPM..

Do NOT let your kids eat the snow, or even really expose yourself to it (in my personal opinion of course). If I had children-- I would not have them exposed. Pets too.. shoes you're wearing off at the door etc...

I am not personally going to expose myself any more than necessary to get these measurements and stay inside until this precipitation is absorbed or evaporates.

Unfortunately, when it evaporates.. the particles are THEN left in the surface dirt/dust to be further blown around.

I am now (500pm CST 2/13/2012) collecting snow for several hours -- will melt the snow -- and take tests -- also will EVAPORATE the snow and take readings on the residue.

Again.. a straight test returns a VERY high reading @ 110CPM -- these are just the preliminary tests -- I cannot leave the equipment outside in the snow for 10 minutes -- thus we must collect the sample and do extended testing.

I will be using all three geiger counters on the full tests -- once I have enough direct snowfall in the collection glass. Coming ASAP ! Tonight into tomorrow AM (2/14) -- each test takes 10 min + video processing and upload time. Will do three tests at least.

links to monitor radiation are below:

Keep in mind.. this is ALL ON TOP of the Fukushima disaster in March 2011 — which blew an EXTRAORDINARY AMOUNT of radioactive debris into the air.

All my past coverage on Fukushima here:


Here is a list of radiation monitoring links I have assembled most still work (some are related to the fukushima fallout from Japan and have fallen silent):

USA and global coverage:



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