Georgia judge orders President Barack Obama to appear in court in Atlanta.

Yes, we already know he is not going to show up, that news came out definitively yesterday.  Why is this getting no national media coverage? (don't answer, the question is rhetorical, we all know why...the media is the puppet of the progressives in this country...THEY set the tone, THEY decide what the news will be. THEY tell America how to think, feel, act) -W.E.


A Georgia state judge has ordered President Barack Obama to appear in court in Atlanta for a hearing on a complaint that Obama isn't a natural-born citizen, can't be president, and can't appear on the Georgia presidential election ballot. The hearing is set for this Thursday.

The main stream media in America has been suspiciously quiet about this hearing, so quiet in fact, one would think the whole thing is a hoax. As usual, our biased liberal media shelters the president against any unpleasant publicity. One need not be a 'birther' to want facts about court hearings concerning our president. If any other president, I.E. George Bush were summoned by a court to appear in person, the media would be ruthless in broadcasting this story worldwide. 

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