By the Weeping Eagle

As we sit on the eve of another New Year, the ball will drop on time square, the bars will be full of people singing “Auld Lang Syne” (for the sake of old times) and many will be sealing the New Year with a kiss.   

The New Year celebration is traditionally a time of hope, people all over the world will “ring in” the New Year with fireworks ablaze, and those pictures will be plastered on television screens world-wide.

So for me the questions, as we stare 2012 in the face are;

Where is our hope?

Who is our hope?

What do we have to be hopeful about?

When examining hope, we must realize that “hope” and “fear” cannot occupy the same space at the same time, they are mutually exclusive.  By definition, hope conjures up thoughts and visions of peace rather than turmoil, of joy rather than sadness, of prosperity rather than depression, of life rather than death.  

Examining the state of the world today, and that of our own country, it is very easy to be caught up in fear, even dread.  In 2011 we have seen record floods, earthquakes, fires and tornadoes around the world. Etched in our minds forever will be the pictures of the Tsunami in Japan, the 20,000 people washed out to sea and the subsequent triple nuclear reactor meltdown that Japan is still dealing with today.

On the political scene, our spending and debt continues to spiral out of control as a grid-locked Congress is perpetually stymied. Unemployment levels rival those of the “Great Depression” and the “hope and change” of President Obama has become the laughing stock of late night comedians.

Replacing the peaceful protests of the Tea-Partiers, protests in city streets and parks have sprung up with radical leftists, disenfranchised students and citizens that have found their hope in a bottle, a needle or a pill demand their rights, and other people’s money.  

In the Middle East, hope was brewing in the form of the Arab Spring, as TV’s talking heads told us that “true democracy” was on display, but alas we learned that this too was controlled in large parts by the Muslim Brotherhood, an international group sworn to the demise of Israel and the domination of Islam over the world and we wonder if the “spring” will end in a nuclear “winter”.

The war drums have been beating louder and louder as pieces of the puzzle have begun to fall in place for the Islamic caliphate now taking shape and alliances with players like Iran have grown closer with a Russia which seems eerily like the Russia of the 1970’s and rich and growing military might of China.

Weapons of war continue to improve and become increasingly more deadly in their power and access. 

In America the citizenry trust of her leaders is at an all-time low and half of America doubts the legality of the Presidency of one Barack Hussein Obama.

Indeed, more and more of us are waking up to the radicals within our own government; Globalist, Communist, Socialist and even Islamists.

At the United Nations, Agenda 21 continues to be pushed on the United States and few even know of this deadly and tyrannical plot.  George Orwell’s 1984 has come to fruition within its walls, and within the halls of our Congress as the new NDAA bill has passed both houses and promises to move us deeper and deeper into a Police State.

Within the Church, we see the same sort of disorder and distrust. Within Catholicism the Vatican has called for what amounts to a one world economic system.  We have learned of apostate teachings like “Chrislam” while TV preachers sell God’s healing as the charlatan’s many of them are, leaving the faithful without hope and with lighter wallets.  

Media moguls and their minions continue to lie to their listeners because they too have believed the lie that man on his throne is superior to God on the thrones of our hearts and pushes its left-wing ideology on a dumb-downed populace.

American’s keep funding the murderous practice of “legally” killing our unborn children, now closing in on 39 years since Roe vs. Wade was legislated from the bench into Federal Law.  

“Gay” Marriage has now become the law of the land in some states, and the LGBT agenda has the momentum the blessing and the authority of the Federal Government, striking down the wisdom of 6000 years of human history and the very Word of God. The U.S. family has become a guinea pig and the laboratory of social engineers, whose seeds of destruction have been planted, watered and the harvest that will unleash will be, well, ungodly.

Meanwhile across the Atlantic European nations and leaders try to stop the unstoppable collapse of their “Euro” as riots and protests begin to become common place.

And on and on the disasters, deceptions, economic declines, heartaches, tragedies and wars RAGE.

I found it interesting that the Jewish New Year, not celebrated until the 7th month of the Jewish calendar and known as Rosh Hashanah, in Jewish thought is synonymous with Judgment of all people on earth“Wherein the fate of the wicked, the righteous, and those of an intermediate class are recorded. The names of the righteous are immediately inscribed in the book of life, and they are sealed "to live." The intermediate class are allowed a respite of ten days, until Yom Kippur, to reflect, repent and become righteous; the wicked are "blotted out of the book of the living forever."

Back to the earlier questions, where and from whom do we get our hope and what do we get our hope from in these days?

This world is telling us, at least the message I have been hearing for many years is that our hope is in our government. They will rescue us. You may say, “no, not me, I am for small and limited government”, and that may be true. But as many in the church have obfuscated responsibility to take care of the sick, the poor and the widows to the government, we have also bought into the lie that “small government” will save us because it will save the constitution and thus, the “American Dream” as if Ozzie and Harriet will return and restore all “make all things new” again.  I am one that bought that, albeit somewhat subliminally for years. “If only Conservatives could take control of all three branches of government, we can fix all this mess. We can end the corruption, the greed, the deception.”  In other words, my hope was in a man, was in the natural world, was in a philosophy that is vain, and a tradition of man, not built on the foundation of Christ. (see Colossians 2)

Scripture has warned us of what happens when we build on any other foundation other than on Christ...it is like building on sinking sand….and oh how we can see this nation sinking!  She is sinking because her foundations have been tested and found wanting. The handwriting is on the wall my friends.  America’s underpinnings have been her faith in God. No, we have never been perfect, but we have known who to put our trust in.  But we have lost our way. We have been sold a bill of goods that government is the answer. That a Mighty Fortress is our bombs, a bulwark never failing. We have become wise in our own eyes, and can recite secular songs and movie stars ad nauseum, as our bibles lay dusty in our collective homes, and God’s Holy Word has no preeminence in our lives. I am reminded of the words that the Lord Jesus gave to the church at Laodicea, they seem rather fitting for today:

“Because you say, ‘I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing’-and do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked- I council you to buy from Me gold refined in the fire, that you may be rich; and white garments, that you may be clothed, that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed; and anoint your eyes with eye salve, that you may see.”

“As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten.  Therefore be zealous and repent.”

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with me.”

Here is my answer to all three questions summed up in one word: JESUS

He is the King of Kings. He is “the Way”, the Truth and the Life”.  His yoke is easy and His burden is light. He is the one in whom we live and breathe and have our being. He is the one that holds the keys to Death and Hades. He is the prophesied Savior of the world and He is the coming Lion of Judah. He is the Bread of Life, the Resurrection, the Gate, the True Vine, the Good Shepherd, the Prince of Peace, and the Mighty God.  

Happy New Years? In this world, I am afraid it is fleeting. But a hearty YES!, if our hope is in the one who “reconciles all things to Himself, by Him whether things on earth or things in heaven, having made peace through the blood of His cross.”

H/T River Jones
What you read below worries me and should worry every American.

When we get 100,000,000, that's one hundred million willing Christians to BOND together, voice their concerns and vote, we can take back America with God's help, Become one of the One hundred million, then let's get 200 million. It can be done by sending this email to your friends. Do the math. It only takes a willing heart and a fed up soul. God Bless America and Shine your light on Her..


President Truman
established one day a year as a

National Day of Prayer."


President Reagan
designated the
First Thursday in May of each year as

the National
Day of Prayer.

In June

Candidate Barack Obama

declared that the USA
"Was no longer a
Christian nation."


This year
President Obama

canceled the
21st annual National Day
of Prayer ceremony

at the White
House under the ruse
Of "not wanting to offend anyone"


BUT... on September 25, 2009

from 4 AM until 7 PM,

a National Day of Prayer
was Held on Capitol Hill,
Beside the White House.

There were over 50,000 Muslims
in D.C. that day.


I guess it Doesn't matter

Are offended by this event -
We obviously
Don't count as
"anyone" Anymore.

The direction this country is headed
should strike fear in the heart of every Christian,
especially knowing that the
Muslim religion believes that if Christians cannot be
converted, they should be annihilated.

This is not a Rumor -

Go to the website
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