When Nations Shake: A Prophetic Perspective

Joel's Trumpet

As 2011 draws to a close, political analysts are reflecting on highlights of the last year, particularly the shaking and toppling of corrupt regimes in the Middle East. 

TIME magazine sees these events through rose-tinted glasses as indicated in their choice of the person of the year 2011: “the Protester.”
Armed with twitter and facebook accounts, youthful freedom-loving Arabs effectively protested and have profoundly changed the landscape of the Middle East. Or have they? Certainly the youth played a key role in these uprisings that have rippled across the ME. Unfortunately, TIME’s rather optimistic interpretation of unfolding events gives little attention to another group of protesters, the Islamists. To say this faction does not have a reputation for upholding freedom would be
an understatement.
Nor have they kept it a secret that they are capitalizing on the opportunity to bring their agenda to the table. In fact, Islamists in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia have gained the upper hand on mechanisms that will determine the shape of the future. Apparently TIME hopes things will turn out for the better, but is this realistic? Perhaps we ought to glean insights from the Scripture which says God “will shake the nations, and they shall come to the Desire of All Nations.” (Haggai 2:7, NKJV)
Considering the events of 2011, it seems appropriate to speak of nations being shaken! As for the second part of the prophecy, Bible students have come to understand “the Desire of All Nations,” as a foreshadowing of the long-awaited Messianic King who will rule the world in righteousness and peace. Ironically, Islamists also expect Isa/Jesus to return to earth and establish a worldwide righteous/peaceful kingdom during the last days!
You may want to read an article exploring how history culminates in Yeshua’s righteous rule. The article is written in such a way as to convict Muslim readers and stir their hearts to seek God’s face (as in Psalm 83:16-18). So please prayerfully consider a Muslim friend who you could share this article with.

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