The Nazification Of America-(VIDEO)

Gulag Bound/Constitution Times

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The fact that someone would claim that the Holocaust was “a big deception” is absurd.  
Yet, Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has made that statement, as well as saying that Israel should be, in his words, “wiped off the map.” Countless wars haven’t stemmed the tide of man’s hatred, any more than the continuing ideology wars being fought for the hearts and minds of people everywhere.

The big deception is the device used by any government, or regime, to propagandize citizenry into believing the current rationale for imposing the latest law, regulation or rule. The root of the deception, by corrupt governments, is to gain complete control, with unfettered abilities to imprison, impoverish or intervene into the lives of their citizens. In the United States of America, that translates to altering, diminishing or eliminating life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Constitution of the United States does not permit the chicanery of what is actually going on in America these days. Yet, a pervasive ideology that embraces government intrusion in almost every facet of everyday life and even in life’s seemingly most menial transactions, is becoming more commonplace. For many Americans, the change is frightening and they openly lament, “What is going on with our country? What can I do? How can we get our country back?”

While symptoms include big government, debt, high taxes and a diminishing standard of living, the increasing use of outright lying, force, coercion, brutality and replacement of the rule of law with a fictionalized situational law, is leading to a police state. The politics become dictatorial, while the illusion of the people having some voice in the process, is being spoon fed into the national psyche.

When Adolf Hitler came to power, the majority of the people bought into the new ideology. Hitler represented an energetic and powerful change from the generation of the Kaisers and a fresh voice in the midst of the world-wide depression, that most Americans today identify with the stock market crash of 1929.

There was a new-found hope in Adolf Hitler and a German national pride that exhibited itself in athletics, such as the 1936 summer Olympics, German science and innovation, and even a new architectural plan under the master guidance of the Führer favorite, Albert Speer. A new and more powerful Germany was to arise, especially compelling after the German’s defeat some 20 years earlier in “the war to end all wars” – World War I.

The promise of the new hope of Adolph Hitler and the fast-moving changes in Germany proved to be something quite different from what the people originally envisioned. Fueled by fiery rhetoric and German propaganda, the German citizens were led down a primrose path to yet another World conflict, that resulted in defeat, devastation to their Homeland, countless suffering and a horrendous Holocaust that originally began, in earnest, in 1939 with Kristallnacht (the Night of Broken Glass).

Today, the United States of America is experiencing similar events that eventually led up to Germany’s Kristallnacht. In a land that is supposed to uphold the Constitution, by a solemn oath of office taken by the representatives of the people, one underlying principle of American government, at any level, is to be one of transparency. Transparency (there is an official Government Transparency Act) is being replaced by creeping legislated tyranny and the militarization of county and local police departments.

Most recently, the internet has been abuzz about the National Defense Authorization Act, that would permit the United States government to detain any U.S. citizen, in this country, without cause or due process. The legislation would allow the government to declare any region a “combat zone.” This has followed a litany of legislation and executive orders confiscating the rights of Americans such as, The John Warner, Defense Authorization Act and the Enemy Belligerents Act.

The “terrorism” and “terrorist” gambit is being played to the hilt, with even the recent “lone wolf” analogy being promoted to further use propaganda to make American citizens accept the belief that there is a potential terrorist behind every tree, so as to justify any governmental action necessary to neutralize any threat, or eventuality whatsoever. Thus, when one person’s image, real or fictionalized, is paraded in the media as having been apprehended and another terrorist caught, Americans become even more accepting to the idea that only government can take care of them. The government’s actions are unconstitutional madness, run amok.

One example of the Nazification of America is shown in the video below. As you watch it remember that a reporter is lied to by an individual that is your public servant, whose salary is paid for by the American taxpayer and that the exercise of spying on American citizens, with the use of drones over American skies, violates every citizen’s 4th Amendment rights. But rest easy, all is done in the name of public safety and Homeland Security.

Do you see a pattern taking place in America? If not, the pattern/process goes something like this. Fear or fear inducing devices are utilized to galvanize American citizens’ opinions against a mostly unseen enemy. That fear is used to foster support for policies, programs and “necessary” changes. Legislation is crafted to give government more authority than the Constitution allows, for the sake of “protecting the people.” A Homeland Security Department, yet another government agency, is created under the guise of thwarting the terror threats and protecting the Homeland and its inhabitants. The once private responsibility of airlines for security and flight safety is taken over by the Department of Homeland Security’s TSA division, to make sure no airplane flight will ever fall into terrorist hands again. Gradually, TSA monitoring devices become more intrusive, which is ultimately designed for behavioral conditioning, that includes pat downs of diapered infants and strip searches of 80-year-old women. After a number of years, the grip on screening tightens because conditioning has produced a less vocal majority of willing subjects. Forgotten is the fact that airline security, as part of a private industry, was the responsibility of the airlines.  
Should the airlines fail financially, there is little downside for a government wanting total control. The airlines could be nationalized and all air travel would be at the whim of the government.

As the years pass, one President invades a nation, without a declaration of war by Congress, on the premise of finding and neutralizing weapons of mass destruction. The weapons, of course, are never found. Another President, while deftly promising transparency such as posting legislation on the internet, fills his administration as did the previous administrations, with monied Wall Street men, further escalates a war in Afghanistan, keeps open a prison in Cuba and uses Executive Orders with the same reckless and unconstitutional abandon as his predecessors of the last 40 years.

Whether under Presidential sanction, the TSA, or your local police, the indiscriminate use of force in an increasingly militarized world and civil environment is not making citizens more safe. The proliferation of SWAT teams, now numbering in the thousands, rising 30% in the last 30 years, has proven statistically to be increasingly unsafe for American citizens. In the UC pepper spraying incident, the dress, demeanor and a military styled arrogance is a stark reminder of the days when other angry men, dressed in black with SS emblazoned on their helmets, unleashed their forceful will upon peaceful men, women and children. The excuses then, as now, are “We’re just doing our job. We’re just following orders.”

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