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Obviously this article today, was written before the two MURDERS (see that news here ) from today! People, this is going to get worse if it isn't stopped now.  Much, much, much worse I fear.

The list of crimes committed by members of the leftist Occupy Wall Street movement has grown to at least 204.
And John Nolte, of BigJournalism.com, reports that the leftist media is hiding the scope of criminality and hatred the OWS movement represents to mislead the public about the movement’s true nature.
Nolte keeps a tally of OWS crimes at the Big Journalism website. At least six people have died at OWS events, Gateway Pundit has reported, including two men shot to death on Thursday, one in Oakland and one in Burlington, Vermont.
The Latest
The latest crime was an OWS assault on a hobbyist photographer, as National Review reported. Bruce Fancher went to OWS central in New York City, Zuccotti Park, to shoot photographs and was attacked.
Fancher escaped unharmed except for a bloody nose. But even more remarkable than the unprovoked attack was the reaction of police, National Review reported. They did nothing, and refused to enter the park because they were afraid.
“The NYPD officer steadfastly refused to go back into the park, suggesting that to do so would ‘cause a riot,’” National Review reported.
As a result, the assailant, described as ‘light, about 28 years old, muscular, short hair, and well dressed,’ got away unpunished. When [Fancher] described the attack to the reporting cop, the reaction was “indifference. I may as well have told him that it was going to rain tomorrow.” He received little sympathy from the OWS crowd either. Amazingly, “no one saw anything,” and no help was proferred. Perhaps “love for all” doesn’t apply as universally as advertised in the commune.
An emergency medical tech told Fancher that it was the 14th assault she had attended.

But assault is minor compared to another crime all too common at OWS events: rape.
Across the country, woman are accusing their peace-loving fellow travelers of flagitious sexual attacks.
The latest apparently occurred in New York. Police there arrested an “occupier” suspected in multiple rapes. Also in New York, three men threatened to kill a 24-year-old woman if she reported a rape. Such is sexual predation in Zuccotti Park that OWS authorities have erected women-only tents to stop the sexual assaults.
Occupiers have been raped in Cleveland as well, and in Glasgow, Scotland, one woman was gang raped.
Even worse, Occupy Baltimore authorities told rape victims not to report the crimes to police but instead to permit an OWS “security committee” to handle the crimes.
BigGovernment.com republished a communiqué from the protest leaders in Baltimore. “Though we do not encourage the involvement of the police in our community, the survivor has every right, and the support of Occupy Baltimore, to report the abuse to the appropriate law enforcement,” it said.
The communiqué also directed victims to report sexual assaults to a person named “Koala.” Although OWS seems very concerned about false reports, it isn’t much worried that such false reports themselves are a crime. “False accusations of sexual abuse in bad faith can have serious consequences for those who are wrongly accused,” the communiqué said.
Occupy Baltimore prohibits making false and/or malicious sexual abuse allegations, as well as providing false information during an inquiry. Anyone who violates any part of this policy will not be welcome at Occupy Baltimore.
Even more disconcerting, however, is this line:
Occupy Baltimore’s Security Committee will make every reasonable effort to keep the matters involved in the allegation as confidential as possible while still allowing for a prompt and thorough inquiry. All allegations of abuse will be treated seriously and thoroughly investigated.
If the survivor wishes to involve law enforcement, in order to obtain physical evidence of the assault, you must report the incident within 72 hours of the assault as collection and preservation of evidence is critical. Occupy Baltimore will also work to supply the abuser with counseling resources to deal with their issues.
As BigGovernment.com’s reporter wrote, “It’s rather disturbing that this group of semi-organized (at best) amateurs would set up a parallel, internal system of justice that discourages involving law enforcement like they were their own country. What’s more disturbing is that assault victims might abide by these suggestions, and perpetrators of such a crime could get away with only a shunning by this small group and some counseling.”
Yet the OWS occupiers’ list of offenses goes well beyond rape. Occupiers in Madison, Wisconsin, lost a protest permit because of public masturbation. In San Diego, they tossed blood and urine on food vendors when the cart operators stopped providing free food. In Oakland, they have repeatedly attacked police and perpetrated acts of vandalism and sexual harassment. Public urination and sex are, as well, another of the OWS activities in Oakland.
Drug-dealing that includes heroin is rampant at OWS gatherings.
Even the elderly are unsafe. In Washington, D.C., OWS fanatics stormed a gathering of Americans for Prosperity and pushed a 78-year-old woman down the stairs. They also surrounded the building and blocked traffic.
Anti-semitic sloganeering is another hallmark of the OWS crowd, an example of which is a public-school teacher in Los Angeles, who claimed that “Zionist Jews” who run the big banks and Federal Reserve “need to be run out of this country.”
And some “occupiers” simply hate the United States. “I wouldn’t give a f*** if 9/11 happened 911 times," one said.
In all, Gateway Pundit has reported, six deaths have occurred at OWS sites, including two shootings. Thursday's gunplay in Oakland occurred over a "bag of weed," the website noted, while the other in Burlington inspired an attack on police trying to clear the area.
Media Conspiracy of Silence
Though the media reports the crimes, Big Journalism’s Nolte avers, they avoid giving the OWS violence and crime a nationwide context to show that that movement is dangerous and hospitable to rampant criminality.
“By dutifully reporting individual incidents but not reporting on the growing scope and size of Occupy Wall Street lawlessness,” Nolte observed, “the [mainstream media] is willfully covering up the violence, vandalism, and anti-Semitism that truly does define this movement.”
Moreover, by intentionally keeping the pieces of this story scattered, the MSM [mainstream media] is allowed to have their cake and eat it too. No one can accuse them of not reporting these incidents, but by choosing not to bring the pieces together, the MSM ensures the least amount of public relations damage is done to the Occupiers.  

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