Emails Expose the True Nature of the #Occupy Movement

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My history with many of the key organizers of the “Global Movement for Peace and Justice” has allowed me to see right through the Mainstream Media and Democratic Party’s attempts to promote and build the #Occupy Movement as a “grassroots effort” which “spontaneously” arose.
 I’ve known that the #Occupy Movement is nothing less than a current manifestation of an international revolutionary push in which I myself used to play a significant role. This “movement” holds at its core that America is the largest enemy to world peace and freedom. As many know, my views began to change in our movements’ efforts to help the residents of the devastated New Orleans 9th Ward. My experiences in leadership allowed me to meet and interact with many “relief” and “protest” groups from around the world. I ultimately came to the conclusion that many of these organizations and individuals were intent on destroying our country – I decided to expose them through working undercover with The FBI.
This movement has once again reared its ugly head and done just what it always does – convincing moderate Democrats to inadvertently provide cover, both physically and in the media, for radical efforts to damage our system and our nation. As can be expected, I’m part of a citizen-led effort to expose them for what they are.
The information we are releasing is a window into the core of what and who are behind the “Occupy Movement.” We will be going through this with a fine toothed comb and exposing each and every detail my experiences enables me to comprehend.
In this you will see the notorious global organizer against capitalism, Lisa Fithian, discussing doors and exits to “targets.” Like a radical Mullah, she has historically developed plans and strategies to illegally enter and shut down buildings and meetings – and found young idealistic youths to get arrested and gain criminal records that stay with them for life. And like a radical Mullah, she never is the one to carry out her plans.
Another email shows a key organizer and his aversion to working with “Jews.” As can be expected from the far Left, he refers to them as “Zionists.”
We will continue to sift through this information and much more and alert the public to who and what is attempting to destroy our nation.
We ask all concerned Americans to please sift through this data, just as the Washington Post asked concerned Americans to sift through Sarah Palin’s emails, so we might all better see what threats our nation faces.

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