The Gospel in Syria-Ten Percent of Population is Christian

Today’s Sunday Faith Views include a fascinating video about Christians in Syria (been their from the first century). The photography is beautiful and the story is quite encouraging. There are evangelical churches in Damascus, as well as many Catholic and Orthodox churches. In other videos there are three segments of the Jesus film, which I had not heard about before today. It is called the ‘Missionary’s Secret Weapon.’ Find two short subject studies from Carl Middleton, on the Apostle John – ‘Covered in Blood,’ and the other, from John 6:44 on being “drawn” to God. In News, a dire situation in Egypt, turning deadly in Israel. The challenges for Israel will not go away anytime soon, as the Muslim Brotherhood is prepared to take control. The second news story is about Academia and ‘normalizing’ Pedophilia, Hebephilia and Ephebophilia.

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