Authoritarian Globalist: Barack Obama Does as Edward Mandel House Said

Colonel Edward M. House in "An Onlooker in France" 1917-1919, by Sir William Orpen, K.B.E., R.A., Plate LXXXV. (c) 1921, published by Williams and Norgate, London.
Edward Mandel House wrote a terrible novel titled “Philip Dru: Administrator.” The book is a vision of how House believed government should operate. As Woodrow Wilson’s “alter-ego,” he did everything he could to bring about his vision during Wilson’s Presidency, including the design and creation of the League of Nations. House could not have known that some 70 years after his death, Barack Hussein Obama would be in the White House displaying many of the same beliefs and implementing many of the same ideas he had attributed to Philip Dru.

Philip Dru believed that “Our Constitution and our laws served us well for the first hundred years of our existence, but under the conditions of today they are not only obsolete, but even grotesque”CONTINUE

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